Monday, November 30, 2009

booked solid.

Sometimes my schedule is booked. well.. not sometimes.. all the time. Every year of high school and middle school has been booked solid.

work, school, dance, plays, basketball, upward, parties, parks, fairs, just being with friends, cleaning, making thousands of peanut butter sandwiches, babysitting, youth group, family beach trips, overnight camp, day camp, holidays, shopping, Cambodia (meetings and prep), youth group trips, games, Que Que Que, date group, the twelve, the park group. and so much more.

Some would say I am overbooked, I don't like that term though.. OVERBOOKED, I'm not overbooked, my schedule is just full. Overbooked is when you commit yourself to too many things, and I don't believe I've done that. People always tell me that I have booked way tooo much. But... I feel like I'm supposed to be helping out all these people, supposed to be hanging out with these people, supposed to be right where I am. I have run into that problem, but I feel like the Lord has so graciously led me to make decisions where I'm not. Some would disagree.

Some people get stressed with this much.. but I think everyone should look at their life and see how exciting it is. ESP. if you are super busy. Everyday is a new day that God has planned, every moment (in my life), something different is happening. Instead of stressing out... why not thank God for the amazing adventure He has laid before you.

now something I've run into is over COMMITTING. That is different.. and I've had to work on that so that I don't find myself letting people down over and over and having to choose which one I'm supposed to please.. more. God doesn't call us to that. This would go with the term, "overbooked."

this was sorta.. a circle of writing but I just felt like I wanted to say it. Just a reminder myself to be thankful and not stressed cause the feeling of stress is not from my Father.

haha I re read all those things that I have been a part of these years.. and I do miss some of it... my schedule is now basically full of upward, basketball, parties just cause of holidays, and babysitting Ev. oh where does the time go? WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?!

Now that list I typed yesterday, I have to attend to all of that today... go team go!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I need to:
. Clean my room
. Finish camp & college applications
. Sign up for LIFE
. Christmas shop
. BUDGET (very important)
. Do a BUNCH of homework (study for tests, chapter reviews, and write posts)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm thankful for so much and so many.. examples:

Aaron, Trisha, Laura, La co co, Goldfis Twin, KT, Safteyman, Rach, Nukem, HGeezer, Courdy Lee, Becky Beckerson, Toph, Twin, Ashmac, Pops, Sone, Faithin, Gangle, Hubs, Johnny Boy, Dingleson, Mattie, Hannah backwards, Stephie, Whitna, Samuel, Jessie, Catarine.. and so much more. I love all of you and I thank my God for bringing you into my life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my heart hurts.

I miss Cambodia.
I would give up everything I own to go back.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Patient heart? no.

I need help. I have nothing that I can control. No aspect of my life is MINE.

Yeah, it sounds so simple. Give your life to God. Do it kid. All you have to do is reach and he'll hold your hand.

No. wrong. It's not simple. Our sinful nature allows us to believe we have it all under control... but we don't. I can't handle any of this stuff anymore. I don't even know what my plans are for the night anymore. I'm in a fog and I need Jesus to be my lighthouse. I don't know anything about college anymore or high school for that matter, I know nothing about boys, friends, leadership, humility, basketball, schedules, commitment. I mean, I thought I did. But I'm quickly brought out of that fantasy into reality... I know nothing and can do nothing without my Father.

It's frustrating.. very frustrating. However, I was wondering if God ever smiles at what stresses us out as He looks at the spreadsheet of our life.... I feel like all He's saying is ask, be patient, and I will tell.

PATIENT. key word. hate it.
PATIENCE. not good at patience.

God save me. Help me. I need you. Give me a patient heart. Help me lead for YOUR name alone. Help me play for YOUR name alone. Help me make decisions and live everyday for YOUR name alone.


Friday, November 20, 2009

I was just reminded JUST how much I love every kid on each upward team I assitant or head coach.. or even ref! I love them all so much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh SNL.
second game day. (Let it Rock is playing on my grooveshark, i told you this.)
favorite song right now: Wonderful by Gary Go... and i have no idea why
my devotion is late again and i have a ton of school to do...
today i gave an oral presentation on Remember Nhu and the problems of the sex trade industry.
my teacher doesnt like Jesus.. but i put Him in everything i do.. on purpose.
my shirt says "you're getting phat." i love it.
i still have alot of school. darn grooveshark distracts me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i went to old navy today and got two new shirts, a new jacket, and a new scarf that is now my favorite item of clothing that i own. maybe. cowboy boots, wallabees, and tights are close.

that made me happy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


so we won our first game. 69-29. it was insane. my shoulder was on fire the whole time.. but it was well worth it. pumped for next week!

some things i always do before my games:
eat a banana
take 4 ibuprofen
listen to "Let it Rock" on repeat (has been forever and will forever be my ultimate pump up song)
text my dad
review plays

aaron said when you dont feed a lion for a week.. its hungry and ready to devour new meat. lets try 75 days worth of starving lions. here we go stormmmm!

my shoulder now hurts 24/7.

today is our first basketball game. WE have been ready for months... the storm is gonna bring it tonight and boy am I so freakin excited.
also my sr. pictures are all here.. with the exception of the dvd and all that. BUT they are fantastic! Rachel Glasser did an amazing job (:

today.. all ive done is ice my shoulder and... upload pictures.. and think about college. I need to start getting busy. i have school to do and decesions to make.
uncsa? regent? liberty? God help me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

cheklists help me think.

1. budget out and "assign" christmas money.

2. history chapter, 7 notecards

3. spanish wkbk. stuff

4. study (his. notes)

5. the tech to hear bec singsing

6. spanish testie?

7. work on devotion

8. shoot 200 shots

7. bed by 11

and away we gooooo. happy november / monday everybody!