Saturday, January 31, 2009

[blank and unprofound]

what a silly day. i was SUPPOSED to do a bunch of schoolwork and instead i took a long nap, listened to a bunch of music, did a bunch of laundry and read a book. It wasn't unbearably cold and it wasn't miserably cloudy. It was just a plain old day.
My day ended with a talk from my dad about goals and what I need to be focused on. He ended with the words, "Now is the time to realize you can't possibly do everything." Horrid but true words I suppose.

Ill just sit here and suck on that little lollipop for a while as I drift to sleep :]

I am quite excited for church and the supabowl party tomorrow!
I am not quite excited about all the schoolwork I must to tomorrow to make up for the time wasted today.. but it was much needed and I am quite thankful God provided me with this day of lazy slumber.

- alot to do as the usual.

Friday, January 30, 2009


im having one of those moments where i dont really want to do anything but snuggle under my covers and listen to some good music. My brain refuses to do homework and my body refuses to move. ohh well :]
i am a tad chilly because my body also refuses to put on sweats... im wearing all short sleeves, skinnys (they.. do not keep you warm), and uggs. oh goodness, if only it were a nice temperature outside.. silly cold. however... it is quite pretty. sunlight is so cheerful.
I must however stuff envelopes, pick up sarah and Jman, pack for tonight, and maybe just maybe i should do some school. maybe. maybe i will also practice tap and pointe again.. however i learned that if you tap on the new kitchen floors.. it creates dents. and those dents make your parents very unhappy. let that be a lesson for all to share.

oh. we play lighthouse today. must rebound 12894612 shots.

i think stephsta is coming.. that excites me so.

oh another thought... steph this is a shoutout apology for always making you listen to basketball rants. you are too kind to sit there and pretend like they interest you :]

rambling on.. stalling time..


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

so yummy

such a yummy day.
classes flew by and ended with a night at f.a. serving dinner with becs.
missed my cell group though. oh wells :] ill cyem soon.

i plan on doing several things before i end my day:
-some spanish and math
-eating some ice cream
-and reading Peter :]

must get off. my baby is crying.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I read two devotions. Both of the verses for each devotion were found in Hebrews. I tend to think of Hebrews just as a recount. As I read I tend to catch myself skimming because in some parts I just think it is "recapping" well known Bible stories. And in some ways my first thoughts are correct, it is recapping over some stories, but what I wasn't paying attention to is that it is emphasizing the attitudes of the characters in the stories.

Today I read Hebrews 11:3-4 and Hebrews 11:7. Hebrews 11:3-4 talked about Abel and the faith he had in God by giving him his very best for his sacrifice because he knew by faith that God wanted and deserved his very best. Even though Cain out of jealousy killed Abel, Abel still did what God wanted and in doing that pleased him and found favor in God's eyes. "Part of having faith is believing that God will fulfill His promises even though we don’t see those promises materializing yet." The second devotion had a single verse, Hebrews 11:7, and in that one verse it recapped Noah's life. It said that by faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear, built an ark to save his family. Noah had faith that everything God said was going to happen, he had faith that God would give him the strength to build an ark that seemed impossible at times, he had faith that in doing what God said, God's promise would be kept and his family would be saved. If you read on in Hebrews it continues to talk about men of faith.

All these men rely so much on the Father that they live purely on faith daily. Their faith in God is amazing to me. They daily asked God what he wanted them to do and even on the days it seemed he asked them to perform impossible tasks, by faith, they believed God would provide, and of course their faith was rewarded and God provided in ways the mind couldn't imagine.

I desire to have a faith like Noah, I want to seek God daily and hear his will for my life, and by faith, to serve him by doing exactly what he said. It's amazing what faith brings in your life. The Bible supplies you with SUCH encouragement on faith.

Job, David, Paul, Peter, Noah, Abel, Enoch, John, Abraham, Elijah, Joshua, Caleb, Esther, Daniel, Ruth, Mordecai and so many others.

The ski retreat gave me a desire to draw closer to God, the speaker was amazing but the worship was a tad discouraging, looking at all the youth groups who didn't give a care what was being said... all I could do was sit and READ the words at times.. just to realize what I was singing and not be distracted by all the phones, girls lying on guys shoulders, whispering, laughing, poking, sleeping and so much more. But by watching all this, it gave me a desire to NOT look like that. Because I KNOW that I did not think GOD when I looked around that room.

I also am thankful for such a youth group. Such an amazing, devoted, happy, encouraging, spirit filled youth group. God has specifically picked out those shepherds, you can tell by looking at them. I must say that the "spending time with the youth group" part of the trip was extravegant :]

oh goodness, today i have a lot to do. I am sending out Cambodia letters today, i have class, a game (pray that I feel good.. cause everytime I play basketball I feel so so sick), I have a bunch of spanish (yucky), a bunch of lit, and a bunch of oppertunities to serve God through my actions.

Walking by faith,
Daryl Munroe

p.s. why yes the picture is a picture from the ski retreat. why yes it is catherine, HG, stephie and myself. why yes converse are the best picture taking shoes. why yes its only four people. and why yes i love those three very very dearly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

lost and insecure, you found me

come on.
just as i was STARTING to get used to losing people.
they are crawling their ways back.
I don't run from people, but sometimes i feel like i should. If someone is doing something i think is immature or not needed.. i tell them. When i feel like they are upset about something i try my absolute hardest to try and make it all better even when the situation has nothing to do with me. I never mean to hurt people with my words and i never mean to be in business that people don't want me to be in.. but i do wonder what would have happened if i had sat tight and let a person suffer.
would these people and i be closer?
would the floor have stayed right where it was under my feet..
instead of falling to the great abyss dropping me into darkness.
I pray for these people and God keeps bringing them back... erg. It's difficult to know WHAT God wants you to do with situations.... like.. why he put you IN that situation with a friend.
oh wait. life isn't easy.
i forgot.
someone told me recently that i just sit around and want everything handed to me... i could do nothing but agree... but simply sitting and agreeing isn't satisfying one tiny bit. I want the desire to seek God continually. It's a desire I will work for. I choose to.
I can't save people, God does that. I can't make people feel better, God does that. I can't make people come.. or go, God does that. I don't control the hurt or the love, God does.
But I will be used. I will submit and ask the Lord continually for guidance. I will be a part of a huge movement for my Father. and I will for the time being stick with just showing God's love to my friends as my "help"
It is apparently going to snow in a few hours, however i must admit to being a total negative nancy :] it doesn't snow much around here and i sometimes am led to believe that weathermen guess on everything! but... i do hope it snows. a nice big snow. enough to cancel classes tomorrow and Wednesday... then Thursday and Friday back to regular life :p the ski retreat is on Friday and i am siked to the point of no return (:
I'm ready for a break. summer preferably but snow is okay too (:
Daryl Munroe
p.s. ajfshajsfjsgdfvhjdsgfjkahiuediujbakjbsf. k. im just. excited.

Friday, January 16, 2009


so i have been pretty dang sick.. everyday i feel the same, and unlike my friends and mother i know that zicam is not the answer to all prayers. (:

but one of my friends insists upon bringing me stuff when i am sick and usually i am so persistent that it is a waste of money that this person doesn't succeed but yesterday.. they succeeded and i ended up with a peanut butter milkshake from cookout.

On cookout cups there is a verse.. I don't know if you have ever noticed cause a lot of people don't.. but yesterday it was Psalms 118:24. My friend had looked this up but other then that I paid no more attention to the verse.

Last night I was feeling really let down.. i had so quickly been brought back to miserable memories and i was swept up in thoughts of times that really hurt me and still continue to press deeply down on my heart.. I realized that I had always known God knew about those times and he was there but I never really told God how much it hurt me (Of course I realize he already knows my feelings.. but its different... cause I had never admitted it with my mouth) I prayed and prayed telling God about all the times these people have hurt me and how I was confused what my lesson was from it all and why he ever let me meet these people.. when they are just going to let me down. All the sudden... I thought about the cookout cup and felt like I should open up my Bible to Psalms 118.

It's incredible how much these verses apply to things going in my life.. no one really knows except God how much this would apply... its amazing to me.. truly.. how God can take.. a cookout cup?! and ease the pain in your heart so swiftly.

I have a lot of errands to run today.. and I'm still sick.. but not much slows me down (:
(oh p.s. WHICH is why i am probably sick all the time... wow. an epiphany)
-meeting at Starbucks at 2:30
-passport appointments (dang passports)
-Verizon (my phone is an idiot)
-tap shoes await
-log cabin at 3 (i might play.. probably)
-envelopes and church directory hunt

let Psalms 118 be your encouragement today.

Daryl Munroe

Monday, January 12, 2009

rewind? maybe?

sometimes I sit here and I want to blog what happened in my day or what has been going on good or bad.. but I can't just because I dont exactly know what to say. Sometimes I sit and I look at pictures from a while back and I sorta, kinda, quietly wish that I could rewind to way back when. The big question that is constantly on my mind is:: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING? you see.... when you stay in a place a bad thing after bad thing after mistake after mistake occurs.. you start to wonder.. am I supposed to be here and God is just teaching me things? OR am I not listening and I am supposed to be LEAVING this place?

Really.. its like trouble falls in my lap. no.. seriously.. really. Sometimes I don't know whats happening until it already happens and I am like.. DANG it.

But you know what, Dan reminded us last night that in God's word it says that God has prepared us with everything we need. for everyday. every instance. every mistake. Sometimes I forget that God is there and I try to handle the mistakes on my own, however that is a mistake in itself. I want to be thankful. I have a desire to want to thank God for every mistake and I what I learned from it.. but its quite difficult. Quitting however is not an option, and I will continue to seek God's face and look for God in every situation.

geeze lupetes. i have a cough.. coughs are annoyinnggg.. but it will go away, it doesnt have a choice, i told it to go away. cause NRCA is tomorrow. it should be a good game. I am mucho excited.

I have much to do.. checklist:
-make this dreadful cough disappear
-4 hours of dance
-practice (don't let me play next year. seriously. this i getting absurd)
-eat SOMETHING.. im not hungry but i need to eat
-clean my oh so messy room
-have about a four hour session just sitting and talking to God.

busy, sicksick, excitedly miserbale, seeking His face, hating pizza, loving youth group, and prayng.

Daryl Munroe

Sunday, January 4, 2009


i love that Dan opens up the Word and just teaches straight from it. i love that Jess and Catherine can play every instrument and sing for the glory of our Christ Jesus. Now those are three people that God is using in powerful ways.

ho hum.

i feel a tad weak and alot tired. I stayed up pretty late last night working on support letters... mine is done.. now i have to do is get Josh and my dad to finish theirs, take our pictures, and send them out! its quite... difficult to get all of this together but I am excited that the Lord will provide. This past weekend has been adventurous... we were in a tournament and won our first game (horrid game though), lost our second game (um. they were huge) and won our last game (good game :]) we ended up in third out of eight teams which isnt bad.
Christian Markle came to visit and that was pretty exciting.. court and i always get excited when he comes. Poor kid did a lot this weekend and i hope he was able to stand on two feet going back to hartsville... we always try and squeeze so much in when he comes! or.. sorry John.. I try and squeeze so much in when he comes. It's going to be a tad difficult getting back into the groove of things.. EVERYTHING starts back this week. school, dance, plays, regular practices and games. ugh. everything. Summer couldnt come back fast enough.
I keep getting on here and looking at college applications... It's so hard! so hard to know what to do! I know my ultimate goal but how to get there... i have no idea!!! All the essays are staring me in the face as I sit and think about the reasons of going to that certain college. There are three that I feel tugged too... oh well.. I have time. I just know that I am so busy that I won't give it a second thought in the summer and then I need to apply early in the fall. oh goodness me.
Youth group starts back today :] Iam way way way excited. I love youth group.
I have a weird feeling; I don't know what it is... friends give me weird feelings.
Daryl Munroe