Monday, November 29, 2010

In addition to my last blog.... made... today...

I am thankful for breaks. I fell absolutely in love with my best friends and back home all over again this break and in love with my college and dear friends again when returning... sometimes breaks show you what you are blessed with. (REMINDER: never stopped loving them... just was reunited with the fresh feeling again.)

a quick update. kinda.

I wish I could properly record everything that goes on here... I keep wanting to start a journal but I honestly, honestly feel like I have missed so much that I wouldn't be doing a journal justice to just start in the middle of my life. However, I might start soon... maybe...

College has been new. First semester of college (or at least for me) has been a whirlwind of highs and lows and new experiences worthy of laughter at times and crying other times. I am so, so, so super thankful for my new best friends... it is ridiculous really. God didn't have to bless me with these two girls (among others of course) at all... but He did, just because He is God and loves to love His daughter. I have already been blessed with my dear, precious friends back home and now I have friends from this home and that is something to be thankful for indeed. (plus, all of these dear people are responsible for changing my life forever and making me smile at the darkest of times. God uses friends powerfully for sure.)

I have learned things that have made me stronger and more prepared for the things in my future. I am more confident than ever that I want to act... I am more confident than ever that I am on the path that God wants me to be on. It's rough, people.. it is HARD to follow God at all times when Satan knows what makes you weak. But you have to make the decision to not fight the battle on your own (because you will epically fail), but to give God the reigns and just fall in love with Him, seek Him, know Him. I am learning things about myself that I haven't paid much attention to. Things that were blocking my path to growth and were not only hurting myself but sometimes also hurting other people. One of my beautiful friends said, "It hurts so much to be broken. It's odd feeling because it's not Satan, it's God and I know it's good... but it's just hard." and it IS hard but like she said... I know it's hard and I know it's good.

I am thankful. I am persevering more than ever now and I know that God is with me. I know God is with my family back home. I know God is with the students here at Regent. I know God is with my camp. I know God is with my friends that are spread all over the place at different universities. We are all going through things... very different things because we are all different people... but God is with us all, and He wants to hear, wants to take it all, and wants to love us. My prayer is that we let Him... Pray for me that I let Him.

seventeen days left of this semester and I am going to decorate my apartment for Christmas soon. I love Christmas.