Monday, June 21, 2010

I REALLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT GOD IS DOING. That is frustrating to me... Sometimes I just want that map... the guidelines of "DOs and DONTs" (or the book ending)

but then I am reminded that I am not God... and I try and let that be enough.. because it IS enough.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

let me start this blog post off by saying that I love these three pictures.. we have surely grown over the years!

work week (X)
early week (X)
orientation week (X)
teen week (X)
middle school week
elem. week
middle school week
elem. week
day camp1
day camp2
day camp3

now it's time to make a difference. now I am sick. now I'm tired. now is when I show that it doesn't matter... those kids are first.

I struggled with last week... a lot seemed to go wrong. I started off the week sick and having to come home Monday. I went back Tuesday but felt a little estranged. Josh broke his hand and made me cry. Friday night confusion seemed to heap on my shoulders. I felt like it was an odd middle school week that I wasn't prepared to approach... I've never not been a camper teen week... I've never had a best friend be THE OLDEST girl there... I've had to depend on God for strength... but... not during teen week. God is giving me this middle school week to make a difference. I realize now that I have to take it week by week. This is it. This is the time. I'm not ready... but my God is.

Be with me, Lord.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God teaches me things through everything. It's phenomenal. I love my cabin and I love this staff.