Sunday, July 26, 2009

man, i need to wash and fold.

I am sitting here in a dress, staring at the computer screen, with a pile of pots in the sink and a load of needing to be folded laundry in the dryer. I am sitting here when I need to be in bed.. I feel like it is time to do nothing.. but alas.. I never have that time haha

I am sitting here thinking of how I have more dragonflies tomorrow.. which excites me because of the amazing blast I not only had at camp but the nights after kindercamp with Cat, or HGeezer, or Stephen, Nathan and Andrew, or the Levins and Chris.. just all such fun, fun nights and days.

but in three weeks it will all be over.. no more camp.. no more Cambodia.. no more sleeping in.. no more college kids (makes me SOOOO sad).. no more not homeowork feeling! It will all be back.

I am going to miss John, Anna, Katie, Chris, David, Nathan, Allicia, Julia, Michael, Nate, Shim and so may more. I am going to miss my brother. He is always gone now during the school year. I am going to miss John because all of my college friends will leave but I intend on visiting.. John is going so far away that he cant even have his phone. He wont be back for a year! I am going to miss hot, sweaty weather. Who cares about sweat? atleast I can have some lemonade and no goosebumps!

but.. I can visit. I do get new classes (i like those). I do get to wear jeans and boots. I do get to be a senior (finally). I do get to have my own upward team. I do get to play on storm (with geezy). I do get to graduate. I do get to have my schedule back. man. Life. Here it comes again... it seems to only pause for two months and then here it comes.. rushing back like a fast brook into the woods of my heart. Teach me, Lord. Help me schedule and live this school year as you would.

double D/ deaky freaky / Dairy / Dmoney / DeeDee / Darly / Dfly / Apparelly Fran / barrel / mr. sir / D

-although i dont like all those nicknames.. I am priveledged to have the friends that use all those silly names to call MY name.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

so dragonfly.

i went from being a counselor with the oldie daycampers to a leader, training counselor position in kindercamp. oh goodness. I am.. worried a little but excited. I guess it's time to take charge for real.. why not start with the precious, adorable, hilarious, but little babies?

oh wait.. because they are PRECIOUS, ADORABLE, HILARIOUS, but LITTLE BABIES!

geeze. i like purple though. yay for dragonflies :]

first day and dinner with cat.
second day and t-shirt creating with erin and robbie.
third day and hanging with nate and daniel.
fourth day and ________.
fifth day and staff dindin.
saturday holds stuff.
sunday is sharing about cambodee.
start over with new babes.

beach yesterday, krama today, babies tomorrow.

yesterday a lot of us went to the beach for anna's birthday and it was a blast! we had plenty of sun, difficult but fun waves, cool squishy sand, good food and a lot of music :] it was fantastic and i got a little sun which is also fantastic!

today i am wearing my purple krama and elephant ring, both of which i love.

tomorrow starts kindercamp and i am very, very excited!
the end of todays great and awesome thoughts.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


this is getting ridiculous.
in Cambodia, the thirteen hour difference wasn't that difficult for me to adjust to at all... I slept when usually I would be up here and was hungry when they ate and was awake when I would be asleep here... all that good stuff.. it was nice, considering how much energy and sweat I was using up there (which probably helped my case).


here I am WIDE awake at night and STARVING at like 3 all the way till 5 in the morning. 4 is the earliest I have been able to sleep. It's ridiculous and although I am not tired now.. I know I will be. I am going to the beach tomorrow and I want and need energy.. falling asleep in the sun doesnt sound horrible but its a darn birthday party!!!! ugh. nothing helps.
tomorrow = sleeping pills. like crazy. i might become addicted for crying out loud.
hedre is getting married tomorrow! yay and blessings to the pretty woman!
in need of sleep... and food,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

on to the battle.

I just posted my official Cambodia post.. but now I'm here so update real quick on that::

calls for Teds lunch, church and hanging with Geezer, skit night, snack shackin, krispey kreme a runnin :p holler.

calls for checkin stephers at work with G downtown and staff dinner, which I am going to.

uhm. havent decided yet. two glorious options.


church and baby orientation. yay for babiessss! yay for LIGHTNING BUGS!

Next week starts day camp :]

I have started the reality of planning out senior year and picking which applications to send in... I alteast so far am sending in apps to Liberty, CIU, and Toccoa. I have most of my classes planned and I think it's hilarious how every year I plan on being less busy and it never works out that way.

off to force myself to sleep... I'm not tired.. but I will wake up in a couple of hours.. darn Cambodie.


left, traveled, arrived, experienced, learned, traveled, arrived, home.

I was telling Steph tonight at church that I just couldnt do this post. Earlier, I stared long and hard at this screen in hopes that the words would just come to me... but they didnt.

I learned so, so much. I experienced so, so much. I loved and hated so, so much. I was broken and humiliated. I was loved and praised. The Cambodians affected us in such a huge way. We all couldnt get over the joy of these people. Ask anybody who went on that trip what stood out the most.. and they will tell you the joy of the Cambodians. They work almost to hard to do everything and the whole time they smile, laugh, sing, joke. The respect in Cambodia is another new concept. Our so called "respect" is not even close to the attitudes and respect the teenagers have for one another and their elders. NO one has any sort of frown when they are asked to do a task.. especially when most of their tasks are not easy. We did all sorts of things with the Cambodians; together we all took on the tasks of literally building a fence, cooking whole, huge meals from scratch, aids camp, planting rice fields, doing the whole moringa process (which included cutting down the trees, planting new ones, sorting the leaves, ripping the leaves of the branches, baking the tons of leaves in the sun and turning each leaf into a small, fine powder... this process took about three days) and many other things. Each task took atleast a whole day and our bodies just plain werent used to this much stuff... so we ended each day soaked (SOAKED) in sweat, with mud and dirt covering our bodies (no matter what we did), tired, and hungry. They ended the days with maybe a little sweat and dirt but looking happier than ever, like they just woke up and were ready for a clean fresh day. It was amazing how deep and true their joy was. No matter how miserable physically we were.... we couldnt help catching on to this joy... we all wanted to sing, dance, laugh and joke with them too... and we did. None of us will ever forget this joy and I know I desire daily to have the same contagious joy that only comes from the Father we share.

Semboc. This man was the true light. We all saw this joy from every Cambodian which was a true testimony and showed us what being a christian meant to them, but Semboc. This man smiled 100% of the time. He really has no reason to be so happy and to make so many people happy, but he knows his Savior... and that's good enough for him. Probably the most tedious and wretched job for us was the job they do the most... planting rice. Semboc ended with us and right when we had all about had it.. he started singing with his huge smile, "I'm so happy, so very happy, I got the love of Jesus in my hearrrrrt!" At the time it was just me, Cal and Dave next to him. All three of us just stopped walking and turned to him in disbelief. As we stood there staring at him, he smiled and said, "You too? you have the love of Jesus yes? sing!" wow. wow. wowwwww. We just all couldnt help it... we all just smiled and smiled as wide as our lips could hold and sang with this man of God proudly.. cause he was right.. we had reason to sing.

I have returned to my battlefield. It was easier there. But those Cambodians are such warriors and I aspire to be like them. I know we were all taught our specific things. I know this trip changed our lives forever. I'm just thankful that I now see that that same God that is there with the Cambodians is here with me too.

There were hundreds of troubles, thousands of jokes, millions of laughs, trillions of experiences for each team member. If you would like to hear any of the many of crazy, hilarious experiences we had.... ask me sometime. Call me up or text me, we'll go get coffee, you tell me about your two weeks, and I'll tell you about mine.

just a few highlights (you want more.. look at my billions of facebook pictures that i am adding... now :p):

-food (if I didnt try it all.... rebecca and david did)
-animals (wild dogs, snakes, crabs, scorpians, lizard mania, kittens, cows, water buffalo, donkeys)
-killing fields
-truck bed
-toooo many planes
-so many forms of transportation : planes, tuk tuks, motos, trucks, trains, lorreys, subway, cars, taxis, ferries, more planes
-so many different swimming views: water hole in Cambodia looking out on rice field, swimming pool in Hong Kong in the middle of the city, at night, looking up at billions of lit up skyscrapers, Chinese sea looking out at the Chinese mountains and blue sky.
-new games
-new songs
-oceans 14
-climbing up mountains with 50 llb. bags
-chiliiiisss, baby back ribss
-bartering, shopping
-so much more.

-digging, hammering, shaping, pulling, napping, swimming, drinking, smashing, planting, picking, nailing, placing, playing, singing, dancing, acting, flying, tasting, harmonizing, listening, crying, praying, praising, braiding, lugging, climbing, holding, teaching, sweating, missing, seeing, smelling, sleeping, reading, learning, creating, petting, cheering, hearing, loving, running, walking, hiking, eating, riding, laughing, chopping, ripping, sorting, slicing, sifting, experiencing : Cambodia