Monday, August 31, 2009

He really, really loves His children.

its so funny that the little things mean so much. its funny how God can use a friend to say one thing and it puts you in a good mood and warms your heart for a while. thanks Father.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

first day back!

today was a very successful day, i feel.

woke up early, spoke at 8:30 service.
came home, went back to church, spoke and listened at 10:45 service.
came home, took a much needed nap.
washed all of my clothes, organized closet, cleaned bathroom.
Los Tres dinner, and then..

dun dun dun dunnnnn

first i would like to say how that i missed my youth group terribly last year and over the summer... sure i went some last year but i missed a lot because of Cambodia meetings and it was really hard on rebecca, josh and myself. BUT NOW WE GET TO NOT MISS IT! it was super awesome and stuffed with people. i was also made aware that i am officially the oldest person in youth group!! wooohh. see... it made me so happy to stand up when he called the seniors but then i sat down and realized what that means... no more youth group :( its gonna be super, super tough to just have to "visit" but it also makes me more determined to squeeze every bit of juice out of this year as i can. i am super excited about the new people God has brought and is going to bring, i am super excited that i get to be with those amazing people now, i am super excited about the new schedule and i am super excited about all of the lessons God is going to teach me this year and prepare me with through Dan and the sheps!

came home after the smash, took a shower, washed the tub, put some of Josh's clothes in the washer and am now studying spanish.

babysitting and storm tomorrow... semi yuck.


just a few people that mean a lot to me.

these people are my role models. these people strive to live through Christ and are an example to me and to those around them. these people have affected my life in thousands of ways and i love them dearly. (there are more that are a blessing to me but just to name a few) Ican't physically express words for how much these people mean to me. I know it's a lot, but they have to be recognized.. and still im leaving a few beneficial people out!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


so today, i bought a fashion magazine and aquired my j. crew magazine (favorite store of all times) loved coming up with new crazy fashion ideas!

i had class.. yuck, boring, skip!

i watched click... so sad but i like it :]

and now even though it is 10:50.. I am going to clean my room.. it gets messy so darn fast.

plans were made for senior pics... 1st and 8th of october (yayyy)

and triple k's trip is next week and i cant even discribe how excited i am!!!!!!!!! we are camping in boone and going up to twisted falls... woooooooohhh!

im such a night owl.

pray that the stupid middle school retreat (that used to be such a big deal every year when i went haha) is canceled!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


new classes today.
U.S. History and Spanish 2.
so far, I love them both :]
I am loving my senior year. a lot.
and i havent even started, illuminati, basketball, trips, upward or youth group.

I am silly. God has blessed this silly girl immensly.

I watched broda at fball practice after classes... I loved it. I dont really know why... something about the cool breeze and hot air and a football field... filled with grunts and crashing helmets. I love it. I love that Josh has been working most of his life to become a football player. God has blessed that boy with talent for so many things. Imiss that kid.

muy bueno day.
cept my whole body aches from NRBA.

if you want to hear the most intense story about first day with cmill. let me know. ill fill you in. :]

go to starbies with the youth girls,
wash some laundry,
some homework?
order some books,
sleep. my body hurts. mostly my butt and shoulder.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

someday i am going to have golden retriever and name it Kelso.

i was told to blog so i will. a few points to read about :]

head coaching
yuck. i havent even started and it is stressing me out to the max. driving me absolute nuts. i have to plan practices and send out emails to parents.. im only practically 18.... i cant email.. parents! grr. and ashmac and shello are older. thats going to be so darn weird i cant even take it... i tell them what to do... and they sit on the bench while i stand.. thats just so... weird.

guess its time to stop having to be comfortable in everything that i do.. this year is going to be a PRIME example of "out of the ordinary".. uncomfortable things.. man, God is funny.. but half of me has this excited feeling and half of me wants to throw up.

man oh man. so many trips i am in the process of planning. cruise trip = ruined but thats alright.. there are others.

I already have two boone trips, two toco trips and one liberty trip on the calendar. that makes me happy and smiley. the end.

school / plans
after this week, all of my classes will be officially started... i dont have many classes... but of course, my schedule will be clogged with tons of things everyday.. but mostly everyone knows that that is my favorite thing haha.

m- illuminati and burn from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
t- wake tech, storm, two upward teams, cmills
w- history, spanish 2, next level, upward team, youth group!
th- wake tech, storm, two upward teams
f- storm, j's games, upward games
s- upward, trips
su- church and youuuuuutttthhhh groupppppppppppp!!!

such a different but wicked awesome senior year :] who knows what God will bring me this year?!

Jessica Lyndon Ray
a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. yesterday was her birthday and i tried to blog but my computer wouldnt let me!! haha Jess Ray is a blessing in so many ways to me and God couldnt have blessed me more by putting her and her wonderful, amazing roommates in my life, Catarine and Whittapher :] so beautiful, so talented, so wise. I pray that her birthday was filled with smiles galore (as she deserves) from the ones who love her dearly. happy belated birthday jessie ray!

well.. thats about all for now. on to watching, "that 70s show" cause its hilarious. frankly.
then i need to:

write a devotion (keep putting that off.. thats gotta stop)
order pics / decorate binders
clean up my room and finish house chores
do some laundry
check out some scholarships
and get rid of this ricidulous headache.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pirates playing on the screen & in my ears.

the beach
i went to the beach with ashmac, shelley, pops and becs on saturday and it was phenominal. At first we traveled in the dark rainy clouds... which dampered our spirits obviously because no one wants to sit on the beach in the dark, cold rain. As soon as we got their though the humid dark air turned bright and clear with a lot of sun.. the perfect beach weather.. God was good. The water was so calm that it looked like a pool.. a big, giant, clear, pool... with the occasional small waves. It was amazing, relaxing and fun! I was with some awesome people on an awesome day :] the sun felt so good that most of us fell asleep only to awake and dip in the cool ocean for a break of sweat. it was fantastimic. After the full glorious day at the beach we headed to five guys and then coldstone where we ate a full yummilish meal and dessert! Wrightsville beach is just so cute! then we headed home and after working VERY hard, we met up with chris, laura and anna to see, "The Time Traveler's Wife." In my opinon.. it was okay.. not the best movie ever... not the worst movie ever. There were some aww parts and some ehh parts. I love Rachel Mcadams so.. of course she was great :) all in all / 1092741 pictures later.. it was the best day ever.

the apt
last night i and hannah grace ventured over to the apt. to play some wii and eat the yummiest meal ever (meatball and cheese paninis made my whittapher and cokes! provided by stephie!) then chocolate chip cookies (that tasted like christmas) bought by jessie and baked by catarine :) i love the apt. i really cant say that enough. i LOVE the apt. i love everything about it and those three girls are my role models in a thousand different ways. they are in my wedding.. of course when i have a wedding haha nothing will change that.. uhmmm... ever. oh catarine, whittapher and jessica. so amazing. not to mention two of my other faves stephers and geezer. it was just such a good crew, such good food and such a good time.. and we hadnt left yet! we soon headed to the most adorable theater ever of all times.. called the rialto (sp?) it was THE BEST. it was old, old and was a legit theatre where they put up a screen for movies.. so it was comfy, big and had a stage. glorious. my type of place. we sat and watched the "500 days of summer" which i adored and jammed to the soundtrack on the way home! i loved it. i loveeeeeeeed it. ended the day with a phone call that made me so happy i wanted to sing. :]

today was my first wake tech class and i loved it too haha i miss school! i miss sitting in a classroom with a nerdy teacher! and i mean.. a real classroom.. i take classes.. but its different when you walk through school hallways, sit in a classroom of people that you didnt know BEFORE class. it was FANTASTICLY FUN! i cant wait for more college! (even though i wont ha ve courtna by my side which made it so much better :p) still excited. and we saw rachel glasser, i think she is taking our senior pictures. good thought.

illuminati films
illuminati films is a production company. Now for those of you that dont know.. I want to act. I have always felt like God was calling me to be in films for his glory. always. But thats a difficult thing to just.. do. You cant just wake up and become an actress... you have to work on it and build up your resume. Moral of the story.. illuminati films called me and asked me to work on projects with them! for now its behind the scenes but you have to start somewhere and this job will look good on my job resume, college resume AND film resume!!!!! im.. pretty siked.

new music
just added a ton of music to my ipod. i love doing that. love it.. now its expensive but i love it :] brooke waggoner is amazing. look her up. suggested by the oh so awesome apt.

i got a planner! its a zebra print, leather planner and its sick nasty. i love planners and now i have a brand new one to fill with my many plans... since we all know.. i have 12907431294 things to do. HOWEVER, one day that is consistent is wednesday nights and sunday nights.. nothing but sickness and family if so happens will keep me from my youth group.. and that makes me very, very happy.

storm starts very soon and if my shoulder is better.. i get to play. if its not.. i dont. its just that simple apparently.

tonight i eat steaks. that makes me happy. the end.

God has blessed me in so many ways. He gave me an amazing summer that I couldnt be more thankful for.


p.s. pretty much all my college friends are gone and if they arent.. they will be in a couple of days. sad life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

if I could choose one person in the whole world to look like it would be Rachel Mcadams. I think she is gorgeous and she makes me want to act even more.. I don't know why, she's just so good.

was David Levin's suprise bithday party at the Hughes home and it was a blastttt :]

Pops was legit suprised and it was such a fun loving crew :] we played games and ate some bangin food! I'm gonna miss Chris, Stephen, Ryan, Nathan and Eric...

sad note for the day: JOHN BLANCHARD left.. for Korea.. for a whole year and its really sad. A lot of us went to the airport to see them off and wave till our arms hurt but it was just a dampering sad feeling.... summer will be here before we know it, right?

i want to see a traveler's wife. the day is dark.

I am going to the beach for the last time on Saturday.
Classes start Tuesday.

and the last KKK meeting is tonight :]

college friends that left: GORDON BROWN and JOHN BLANCHARD

Monday, August 10, 2009

sore body on account of spoons.

Last night we spoke about Cambodia.. I honestly felt bad for all of the people that came because it was sooo long. But.. it went well... everyone did an incredible job on speaking with full confidence, and I do mean everybody. Dan came up to me afterwards and told me he was really proud of me... and that made me want to cry it felt so good. I love my youth pastor.

After the ice cream social and junkski we had a little "goodbye Blanchards" talking session thing.. were people would go up and say a few words of gratitude and goodbye to the Blanchards. I was the first out of our friends to go and I was very proud of myself for not crying in front of everyone!! soooooo close, but I gave up the mike just as it was coming.

We went to cookout and the Levins. and it was a party. We once again played extreme spoons (after I got to drive Chris's jeep to and from my house :]) and this was even more intense. Like we had a lot of wrestling matches for the spoons. definition of intense. Like I am sore, sore, sore from Gordon Brown.. whom I am gonna miss like carazyyy. Then when majority left.. some of us played true colors and that was also the bomb, college steals people. dang it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

extreme spoons = the stuff.

last night was officially awesome! ever played extreme spoons? best game. ever.

today I am speaking along with Josh, dad, John, Cal, Dave, Bec and a few others at First Alliance, and singing, and doing our Cambodia skit... my first thought was that Cambodia was a long time ago.. why are we talking about it now? who cares? But then I was reminded that it's in God's hands and it will all work out perfectly.. God always knows what he is doing. So I am quite excited to see who shows up and how it goes. Pray for us if you remember!!

I really want some Planet Smoothie and basketball practice. I don't know why but a spring day after a long, good basketball practice with the windows down, driving to planet smoothie with hannah grace, with some good music blaring just sounds glorious. I miss that, it will come soon enough :]

college friends that left this week: DAVID BROWN

Saturday, August 8, 2009

so camp is officially over.. which means summer is almost officially over.. ugh.

David, Chris, Nathan, Mckinney, Stephen, Allicia, Julia, Michael, Anna, Katie and so many others are going back to college.
John is moving to Korea.
I have yet another (last one.. but yet another) year of highschool.

and the worst one ever... Josh is going back to school. I miss my brother during the day. I love him and I miss him not being at home with me.. what am I going to do at college without all these people and esp. my brother and sisters?! man oh man.

good news:
storm is starting in a couple of weeks.
i will be 18 in a couple of weeks.

i will be applying for colleges in a couple of weeks.

new classes, new teachers.

new school supplies.. haha i love that.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jump on the count of three.

I am a dragonfly for the third week in a row. I love the kids but am getting a little tired of certain co-cos. I thank God for the cute, good things the little ones say and the encouragement some of the amazing staff is to me.

I am worried about too much. So much that my brain hurts. I have too much to think about.. I wonder if the life of the omish is easier. Thats a thought. It brings me back to the Cambodians and how their life consisted of working hard and loving one another cause they dont need or have. I want their life. but im not sure that's what I am called to. I feel like I am called to something way harder for me... way more distractions.. way more things pulling me in other directions... Why do I feel like I am being called to a place where God isnt at all, when I have such a hard time now? I have so much work to do.

Some of my friends and family suprised me and took me to the beach for my birthday.. now, my birthday is a month away but.. david and john are leaving. so.

anyways, it was uberrrr fun and I was actually pretty dang suprised, which is hard to do :p We haven't really had time to spend together this summer.. all together. It was relaxing and happy :] and I got some amazing pictures which is my absolute favorite thing :]
Tonight, I ate at Olive Garden with a good friend. It was delicious and was such good catching up time. Tomorrow we have another Cambodian meeting, Thursday is our last krispey kreme run which I am SIKED about (yeahhhh c.h.eezy), Friday I have staff dinner and sleepover! Saturday I have plans, geezy, open gym, and John's partay! Daycamp nights are what makes me smile this week.
I love my friends. I Love, love, love them and God is so mercy gifted to give me the friends that I have.
Pray for the campers this week.