Thursday, May 28, 2009


yesterday was Caleb Scott Brown's birthday.

He is now 17.
Happy birthday to the soners :]
I hope his day was fantastic.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and now announcing, the beginning.

its time to take a shower and then leave for the second day of work week. I really like it.. being on staff and cleaning.. haha its just so much fun. I wish I was on staff all summer... cambodia cambodia cambodia..

It is the beginning of the busy.
This week: work week
Next week: early week
The next week: orientation and a ton of reciatl stuff
The next week: teen weeeeeeek
The next week: I wish I was working :(
The next three weeks: Cambodiaa
The next three weeks: MAYBE daycamp.. maybe.

I will blog all about my first two days of work week when I get home.. after the STORM banquet!


Friday, May 22, 2009

i had two satisfying blocks.

hmm. i feel weird.
the game today:

i played.. pretty good.. for me anyways.. I was so mad I could punch a hole through the wall because of certain "team members" but playing in that gym.. was like a huge stage... It was so packed, so loud, so.. cheery.. it was a fantastic feeling even when you did little things cause the cheering was so.. deep.

my mom says thats why I like basketball... because its like a stage, I think she is right.

I hope this was not my last game with Hannah Grace.. I will miss her... too much.
I know its not my last with becca and anna and that makes me feel a little better.
I also know this was my last game with lighthouse girls.. allsatrs might have to live without me next year.. only thing that might change my mind is that... fun.. filled... gym... I dont know, I just liked it.

Boys are stupid. in my opinion. everyone should think that... even boys should think that, if boys dont think boys are stupid they are doubely stupid. and if they admit to a girl they think they are stupid they are only half stupid. yes. half stupid.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

sigh with a smile.

i just feel like blogging, im in a good mood... even though the hurricanes lost.. it was pretty brutal in the end. But I was with some pretty bangin people having a blast :]

This first week of "official summer" has consisted of what summer should consist of:
-amazing devotions
-the beach
-mrs. elise's cooking
-my amazing youth group!
-friends everywhere I turn
-tanned/sunburned faces
-late nights
-music (rubberband man and halo :p)
-the pool
-frisbee golf
-picturesss :]
-no schoolwork.
-good play practices :p
-sleeping in (mostly.. its how it should be)
-"made up" games
-duck duck goose
-krispey kreme
-grammar lessons from matthew (leave it to matt)
-eating scrumptous meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) [out and at homes]
-walking in friends houses and just opening their fridge

and this week is going to end with a tournament, carwash, more meals with friends and so much more.. i cant wait :p

THIS week has been fantastic.

summer. oh how i love thee. and now... let camp begin... dun dun dunnnnn

Monday, May 18, 2009

the weekend.

this weekend I went on my very first beach retreat with my youth group. oh my goodness, delicious. I love them and I needed that. I miss my youth group and I miss Dan's teaching. However, I like being left on my own to prepare for Cambodia and to have "independant" time with God, not like youth group was not allowing me to have that.. duh... just, I am having to learn a little more on my own and it was nice to have that alone time on the beach as well to think and pray. But this weekend consisted of so much; giggles, sunburns, swimming in killer water (we almost died.... really), pictures, discussions, thorns ( :[ ), pizza, turtles, more giggles, football, sun, capture the flag in the dark, a lull in capture the flag in the dark, sanddd, cute little ones, late nights and early mornings and so much more.... I loved every minute of it :)
Last night I was hit with the reality that I have 6 more weeks until Cambodia... SIX weeks! thats not far at all.. and in between that I have work week, early week, recital week, teen week, and pool week :) then.. cambodia. I have so much to do.. just this very day; I have to finish up on my math, I have to go to verizon, I have to find my swimsuit from the church :(, I have to go to dance (only pointe today!), I have to practice my jumpshot, and I have to finalize my shopping list for cambodia. OF course I must accomplish all of this with a very uncomfy sunburn :p
Praying for you all,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

new devo/journal.

Ah. summer, its back to hot... I love it :) The dear Lord answered my lost camera prayer and I found it last night under a pile of clothes... a bunch of stress was lifted off of my tiny, injured shoulders. I ate out with paps and twin today.... I love doing that.

My sweet basketball team got me $30 to Lifeway which was a very, very much needed and thoughful gift :] I finally made my way to capital to check out the store with a new devotion in mind... I had what I wanted in my head but when I got there it took me forever to figure out which one I wanted and I settled on two. I also got myself a pretty little journal since my last one is completley full. I love journals :]

first entry:

"mm. very first entry. Also first day cracking open my brand new devotion. Today's devotion was just one simple verse with a sermon on thanksgiving. You always hear that, "say thank you for this," "Thank God for that." but, do you? do you all of the time remember to thank God for everything; gifts and hardships? I don't even always thank God for the gifts.... ouch. what a jerk thing to do. As I sit here in this amazingly hot saturn, waiting for J to come out of his large scary school, I am thinking of the last time I had a prayer just specifically for thanking God. Hmm... It's been a while. It's easy to complain and want more.. it might be the easiest thing I do. Sorta makes me want to spend less money on myself. I know that if I gave a person everything they needed for their life... I would expect things in return or atleast a thank you.. ATLEAST... how selfish am I? Lord, how prideful am I to want so much and give so little? How big do I really think I am to deserve so much from someone who already gives too much? How selfish I am. Time to have a serious reality check. -D (Psalms 118:24)"

I think I might go for a walk before dance. Its so hot but quite lovely.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my ringtone is.

a few thoughts:

I am tired and I need to sleep. It is summer so I shall do that.. hopefully.

I am in need of a very dark, nice tan.

I am trying to access Bridewars and it is not working.

David and Anna and Katie come home soon. that will be nice :]

I cannot find my camera.. and it is sorta sending a shock throughout my whole body when I think about losing my $500 camera. please pray that I find it. PLEASE.

Tomorrow I have several errands to run and I must complete my math. (Lifeway, library, laundry mat)

I want a Gladys shirt.

I was at church this morning and steph, hannah grace, jess, whit, and cat were all missing.

there was no youth group which made josh and I VERY depressed. we miss it tooo much.

beach retreat this weekend. holler.

platos closet?

this summer is going to be busy.
oh my goodness.. I am going to Cambodia. oh my word!

my ringtone is boomboom pow.


Friday, May 8, 2009

just today.

this picture signifys our normalness.... this is what we do when we are just having fun and we arent so busy. doesnt it look lovely. :)

I have to much free time I decided. you see... I always want a break and then when I have the break I want the break filled... I guess I just want my days filled with stuff I love to do.. that makes sense I guess.

I have received the oppertunity to talk to a few old friends that I havent seen in a while.. that's been nice... but none of this lazyness... thats only allowed on the beach and by the pool... and the pool is more logical right now but its closed. ah. next weekend.

This day I plan on going to physical therapy (yuck), mother's day shopping with bec and court and maybe a little shopping for myself :] then bowling with the allstars teams and then tonight I get to get all formaled up and go to the squire awards! That's one of my favorite things! I have a nice fancy dress, and my make up is going to be all done and my hair... oh. goody.

can't wait... I need to go run or something. seriously. maybe ill just play with evie :]


oh. p.s. I watched seven pounds last night and will smith is a beast. however, MUCHO sad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What time is it?


sure I still have a little more trig/pre calc, sure I am still waking up tomorrow to go to basketball practice in the morning, but I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SUMMER :]

now i get sleep, friends, beach, youth group, trips, camp, cambodia, pool, and no school.

I received good final grades :] I wore a nice, pretty dress today.

I am happy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

a sore body whines.

I went on a bike ride with bec, court, matt, soners, john, and dave yesterday. like not just a bike ride like.. on a greeway or just a street.. nope.. in trails where everything is extrememly down hill or painfully uphill, where we had to pause and let a huge copperhead take his time crossing the path a few feet ahead, where roots and rocks skidded your back tires and you felt like you were going to plummet to your death, where the ramps and "drop zones" were so intense.. even the best of us failed :]

okay so I am dramatic. but all of that. true story. and I HURT buddy. My shoulders, legs, arms, back.. everything is stiff and non-movable. but...

it was fun.
i will admit, however much I hated the last bike ride.. this one was fun, with more company which made it more fun and easier and I am a lot more in shape then last time.

my conclusion- besides basketball and dance, I filled my quota of working out for the week. that was decided when I woke up this morning. I don't feel bad for not running and I dont feel bad for not doing ball drills.

Back to school for three more days.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

school books beckon.

I know its the last week, I just have to get through one more week and then its NEW devotion (oh baby), pool, recitals, plays, tan, comfy sleeping in, camp, trips, and cambodia.

I keep looking at my school books, annoyed that they are still here looking back at me.

But I must:
study for my huge final history exam,
study for my final bio. test (atleast its not chemistry. yuck)
do about 4 pre calc/trig lessons, and a test?
finish my study guide (dang),
finish my powerpoint presentation for lit,
and do the writing assignments.

Oh dear.

Yesterday was the SAT and highschool hangout.
verdicts? SAT was boring, long/short, but it wasnt that bad.
we lost courtney and rebecca got a flat tire.
I also saw people I havent seen in years.
highschool hangout was frustrating and fun.
its so frustrating to play against your friends, but you dont want it to stop.

oh camp ganes,
ill take them on again. summer is soon :]

I wish I was at church right now, but the power went out and so did our alarms,
I wish I could go to youth group tonight (so so SO much) but I have a Cambodia meeting,
I wish the pool was open, but if it was, then I defintely wouldnt accomplish anything today except not going to church or youth group.

I must go read the Bible.

p.s. cell groups were wonderful. I never wrote about them here, I wanted to stay there forever. But alas, gone like a dream. onto the next adventure.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


SAT in about 20 mn.
no big deal really,
just a good score might help me get into college.
pray for me,
please and thank you.