Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you would think.

so i sit here.
i have to finish a paper by tomorrow early morning.
to take a spanish test.
finish history notecards.
get a good nights sleep.
write another devotion so i am on time next time.
i have to plan a good costume.

my room is clean,
my bathroom is clean,
i am washing clothes,
and its almost the weekend.

its all almost impossible.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

King of all Days

here is the thing:
like.. I don't even know what to write. I love the nights where God really convicts me. It's a humbling experience that I appreciate and thank God for. BUT I really don't know what to write... I just know that you need to read Ephesians 4. I love the fact that I have a new identity in Christ. I love the relaxing fact that no matter what, my life is in God's hands and He will guide me and take care of it if I give it all over to him. It gives me peace to know that He knows I can't do anything worthwhile alone. I cant love alone. I need his help to forgive. But what happiness fills my heart when I remember that the one I am relying on for help is holy and perfect.

Funny thing is "King of all Days" has been stuck in my head for no random reason at all for DAYS. I am in love with that song and it was phenomenal that God played it again for me tonight so I could really meditate on the words and praises to my King.

I must write a devotion, clean my room, note cards, study espanol, order baller shoes, have some serious Father daughter time, and text Nathaniel Miller.

GOD, GOD, how majestic.

King of All Days
In Your surrender
As You laid down
Your life
You took up a sinner's cross
And Your life rescued mine

In this redemption
Love and mercy displayed
You lifted my eyes to see
That Your truth never fails

Lord of the heavens
King of all days
Without You my world slips away
Redeemed by Your mercy
Consumed by Your grace
Now I live for You

I'm found in the arms of love
For Your love
It has saved my sou
lI'll run to Your arms of love
Your light's gonna lead me home

Glorious Saviour
In Your light I am free
The things of this world will fade
Still You are all that I need

At Your cross
I lay my burdens
At Your feet
Where Your love covers
All I've done
Now I walk with You Lord

Monday, October 19, 2009

you know what.

you know what happened to me? shoulder dislocated again.
you know how i feel? exhausted and in need of sleeping for nine days.
you know what i have to do at wake tech tomorrow morning? in class essay.
you know what i hate and have to study for? spanish.
you know how long i will be out of practice? atleast a week.
you know what cmills is going to call me tomorrow? weaksauce.
you know what book i love? forgotten God.
you know how long i am going to be working tomorrow? all day, nonstop.
you know how much i wish it was friday? a lot.
you know what i am in need of? a party with all of my friends in the summer time, just because.
you know what i will have? a party with all of my friends in the summer time, just because.
you know what i have to do? everything.
you know who i love? these people. i had fun at the fair with them (:

Friday, October 16, 2009

time hates me.

. pay my cellphone bill
. stop planning things when i dont have money. plain and simple.
. finish transcripts, send it all off to Liberty
. look up tryouts for UNCSA
. tryout for UNCSA
. study major for BIG spanish test. (no me gusta)
. write comparison paper
. finish my devotion and send it to nathaniel
. work 7 hours of upward
. work 2 hours at blast
. sushi?
. church, the fair, youth group

that is all the stuff i have to do this weekend. and time is not on my side.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have some spanish left.. so I cant type on here for a long time but I just wanted to say that.. I feel very much so accomplished. I made a checklist of chores and homework and errands I need to finish up today and I cleared the whole darn thing! AND pushed it as hard as I could in practice and cmills. I just feel great haha I am exhausted... but I feel great.

Also, someone special dropped a gift by my house and I can't tell you accurately how much that meant to me... I really love it so far and I just can't help but smiling, thinking about it.

Christopher is coming home tomorrow! yay for triple K reunions!!!

Things to accomplish tomorrow:
  • Pick up Gracie at 9:30 and study at Starbucks
  • History, Spanish, Next Level
  • Plan and have a ROCKIN first grade practice... Im trying to think of more creative ideas just for them to enjoy the game of basketball
  • no CHURCH :( but I am trying out for Cinderella.. which is half exciting.. ish haha
  • SLEEP as soon as I get home. Ohhhh man haha

goodnight mouse.

Monday, October 12, 2009

what I thought about.

today and yesterday Rachel Glasser took the senior pictures of Courtney lee and I. and I think I like them :) It rained but with the help of some umbrellas, jackets, and freezing willing bodies, they turned out perfect!

The thing I liked the most about it was when I was getting ready for the first session yesterday, my mom told me to think about things that make me smile when I smile for the pics.. so it would be real (: I loved that because it made me just feel happy. I made it my goal to think of something different every time and I just.. loved it haha

I thought about KrispeyKremeKrew meetings, I thought of inside jokes with becs and courdy lee, and how they know me so so well. I thought of big great hugs from stephers, the talents of the apt girls, listening to Jess and Catherine play and sing and watch Whit as she so amazingly designs from the heart. The feeling of scoring in a basketball game or bows after a long good play. I thought about the love that eeks from my twin and pops. I thought about being d.choquettes prodigy. I thought about middle school with nukem. The BIG brown boys/ Johnny Ray picture at teen week when I was 13 years old. I thought about good ole Gordon Brown's voice. I thought about Cambodia. I thought about pictures and faces with ashmac. I thought about mickeyDs with honeybunch and andrew. I thought about the beach trips, the Appalachian trip, the ski trip, LIFE. I thought about listening to Dan speak. I thought about coaching my little boys. I thought about pumpkin scented candles and mrs. debbie's bowls. I thought about beautiful, fun campers. I thought of laughing my behind off with HG, and us being able to imitate each other perfectly. I thought about acting with Rachel. I thought about the many nicknames of mr. safteyman, I thought about the good ole' Womb at Kel's. I thought about goldfish with anna, cheering in church for katie. I thought about looking down at my name tag and feeling important. I thought about aaron patting my head when I was sad, I thought about cookout milkshakes from john, and the glow in the dark toco bracelets that all match. I thought about my stupid cute dog, and my baby evalee grace. I thought about my moms hugs, and my dad being the only one who sometimes understands me, I thought about sarah and I when we go on walks and Josh being my amazing twin.

I thought about these things and so much more.... and I thank God humbly for all of these amazing things. For all of these amazing people in my life. I love them. I couldn't live without them. And boy, aren't we all so lucky to have our friends and family? There are so many times, so many arguments.. but in the end.. when you need to smile for a picture.. who do you think of? All the bad times... disappear.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

goodbye blog.

listen i was so upset.