Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mmm. the cool breeze murmurs.

so i am sitting here on my deck.. it is chilly but this 50* is way better then the coldness that the winter usually brings. It is New Years Eve.. it is the final day of 2008. I honestly cant believe it.
You know, i bet you people used to sit and think about the future.. and think that the world would never even reach 2008. It's amazing to me. 2008 has come and now is gone and now we are on to 2009. In 5th grade (North Ridge. oh yeahh) we had our BIG graduation service and the principal was talking about how we were the big class of 2010 and i was like.. ugh.. that is FOREVERRRRR AWAYYY! i laugh now at how that eleven year old fifth grader is so different from the seventeen year old junior that sits here now. Things have happened to me over time that I could never have imagined. some good. some bad. but all of the friends i now have, that are so dear to me. I didnt even know half of them existed. ISNT THAT CRAZY?! i just find that crazy.
tomorrow we have our first tourney game. yayy. we are playing neuse again. we already beat them. im not worried.
even though it isnt the closest tournament.. we have friends and family still coming out to see us on our first day.. which makes me quite happy :]
yesterday. man it was a blast. rebecca (safteyman) spent the night and although we went to bed latelatelate we woke up earlyearlyearly to go get my hair done. i l0ve it!!!!!!! its way blonder and shorter but i just couldnt love it more! after that i went to practice which was a tad tiring but i was so happy to see those girls all in the same place again. i missed hannah grace's songs, becca's swishes, anna's beatlyness, and courts intensity that makes me giggle. of course i have seen them all but.. not playing ball in one gym. After that i chilled with the gracie and we got some PLANET SMOOTHIE. yums. then our jane austin night began.
picking up stephie and G from los tres, we cruised in the saturn over to the millers. Mrs. Miller is a joy, she's so funny and cute :] luke joined us and later Jess stopped by :):):) and dutsin joined us and later sim and nate.
it was quite the party. Friends, food, Jane, nerf guns, wrestling, laughter, moxie? phones, coldcold walks, number one video (ha gracie :p), song about wallabees, candles, and hugs... what can go wrong? it was pure. FUN.
do you know the number one music video? cause luke will ask you.
Daryl Munroe

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i crave the juice colored orange.

I crave orange juice soooo bad. I crave juiceeeeee. grrrab cakes. Christmas was so good. so so good. im such a thankful camper. even though.. i dont camp much.
With the "fake practice" on Christmas eve and the service of candle light all on the same day.. I just had to much fun in one day. Saw too many people. Had too much fun playing ball? Listened too happily to the amazing voices sing out in my Church.
okay. Not really.. you can't have TOO much of that. its impossible. I am just spoiled with lovely friends.
My parents have a habit of spoiling josh, sarah, and i [and now evie-grace] on Christmas morning then paying it off forever. their silly imaginations are so large.. however, even though starting her shopping for us four on christmas eve, my mom said she had actual fun shopping this year.
Sarah is getting a puppers (schnoodle) like seriously.. they are the cutest dogs ever. Josh is getting a cellular device and he got all this snowboarding stuff.. he is quite the beast at every sport, probably because he never stops trying.. power to the boy. Evalee-gracie poo got a bunch of clothes, i gave her some classic chucks and she looks preshie as megan suriano would say. We are all about Evie looking cute.. she doesnt need toys anyways.. she has too much fun destroying our stuff and calling 911 on the telephone (yeah.. 3rd time this week). I got some wallos, uggs, and i get to highlight my hair forever with the payments taken care of. my parents are thoughtful.
now away from the worldy part of my Christmas.. sorta..
The Oobergoose's, sons of Carl, and the Williams came over fer some brunch Christmas morning. I was terribly sick with a high high fever and i felt like going up to join my Father that morning but some of my absolute favorites were here so i put on a smiley smile and hung out with the girls :p I did have a bunch of fun though... I really did. I was happy [and my huge headache was happy] that Christie, Rach, Becs, and Court sat and watched step up 2 (beastly dancerss) with me. After they left.. i slept forever and a day.. or.. hours haha some other stuff happened but its not important... haha
The next day was refreshing. I felt a tad woozy but it was my day to see matt and amy and all my friends that i havent seen in forever and i was NOT going to miss. I went and saw bedtime stories and saw the blanchs. then continued my adventure after a starbucks run with beckster and john to the home of the browns.
I was happy to be there. I have missed the G man while he's been at college and I was happy to see him :] happy to see soney and Mr. and Mrs. Brown too! it's been too long. and happy to see dave.. i don't understand.. things about.. that. anyways... continuing. We played some Wii and then soners and john presented their gift to the girls.
They gave us an amazing gift. It's actually.. hard to explain on here.. if you have heard of "invisible children" then you.. have heard about it.. if you havent i suggest you look it up. It will blow you away. Cal and John gave us bracelets to help us remember the invisible children and to pray for them daily... i was inspired during that video. For several reasons... One.. those three boys inspired me. These three friends just.. set out. in search (pretty much) for s story.. stuff to document. They WENT FOR IT.. closed their eyes and jumped in the river with crocodiles. they just.. did it. I have a goal. I have a reason I am on this Planet.. I keep feeling like I know what field God wants me to go in and what he wants me to do.. I have felt convinced of all these things for a very very long time. and its not that I am scared to do it because its dangerous (the safest place is smack dab in the center of God's will). I am scared its the wrong time. But this video made me think.. I should continue to pray about it.. but just.. start.. start training harder.. start getting serious.. start preparing my mind and heart, filling both with scripture. I am so ready. I hate doing school. I hate it because as I sit there I feel like I am wasting my time.. i know i am not because God told me to obey my authorites and I am doing so by doing my school.. but.. I honestly feel what I am supposed to do in the long run.. and i am ready to start that race NOW.
another thing that inspired me was when one of the boys said, "You see things that make you feel uncomfortable and you turn away.. why dont you ever ask yourself why it makes you feel uncomfortable?" I think. ha scratch that. I know that we live in a bubble. not a stupid american bubble.. im tired of people thinking america is so blessed.. we are, we are.. dont get me wrong.. but im tired of people thinking that we dont need help here. the devil is the devil no matter where he is. and he is alive everywhere. we live in a PERSONAL bubble. when we are born our bubble forms depending on where we enter when we are born. We learn to do or dont do different things, we learn what WE think is right or wrong to say, we learn OUR boundaries, we learn our "status" blah blah blah etc. its OUR bubble.. and no one has the same one as you.. i think that these bubbles are wrong and such a work of Satan.
There is this coating that resides over the bubble. We don't know why other peoples bubbles are different and why they are used to things that are so wrong in our bubble.. but we dont even try.
We look away. We never ask ourselves why. I asked myself why I closed my eyes some during the documentary and came up with lame answers. I have nothing. I want to help people instead of turn away.. and get other people to ask why they are turning away, because when they ask themselves that question.. they wont come up with anything substantial.
I can't wait to help the invisible children foundation. I can't thank John and Caleb enough for these presents.. one because they actually thought about our gifts :p and two because.. I already pretty much knew the "gist".. not even.. the mist of a glimpse of the cloud of the surrounding of the gist of where i was headed.. but now i have something to add.. something that i want to help a long with the people around here. Now i want my bubble to be bigger than my original "thoughts" i want it to be so big it pops.
of course... only through the Lord can any of this be done. Gracious Father, you are too good to me.
Does anyone have some OJuice?
Daryl Munroe

Monday, December 22, 2008

thoughts of today.

i am a lot confused.

i don't exactly know what to do.
these are the times when i am thankful because God already has my life planned out for me.
that deserves a phew.
last night was amazing, love those people.
Samantha Crowder is amazing, and I finally got to meet her!!
I'm like.. one of her biggest fans. Meeting her, Catherine (at camp.. man. long time ago), and Jess was all the same... they are just so good, i was scared to meet them. but I'm glad i did :) i love them all!

I became confused though. last night was sorta a blurr.. like a dream.. and it confused me. I don't understand what goes on in heads really.. and that frustrates me.

i want to honor God through everything i do.. i just have that desire. but Satan knows exactly what will distract me and he gets to work. ughh.
i don't want to get trapped again.. i don't want to be miserable. again. i want everything to have a simple solution.

Anna said I cant solve everything... dang her for being so right all the time.
i just wish i knew sometimes... but then i wouldn't seek his face.

God is so smart.

but back into reality, today i will clean, babysit, shop, starbucks run (yes!), and continue on to upward evals.

the Daryl Lindsey

Friday, December 19, 2008


dude. today was delish. in the good sort of day way. its stephs birthday for five more minutes :] I went out to lunch with her and the G and had the absolute blasttt. love those two.


After the lunch with the two i went to wake forest to pick up body tights for my UNI and i saw a friend with a broken car on the side of the road... sad to announce i did not stop.. one because i wasnt sure they were them and that would have been creeper if it wasnt! and i was late late lateee. so i skimmed on by and found out later it was the kid. anywayser, i headed to the acadamy north of raleigh christians to put on my oldie make up which was inconvieniant but fly. and soon it was time for the show! it went sooo well! everyone did amazing! The Lord was definitley there and it couldn't have gone better! cant wait till tomorrows show!!! i wish we did it more than twice!

i love shows. every kind. i love them.

once again, happy day of birth stephla drummond! i loveyouuu!!

I need my retainers back. dang.

the old granny,
daryl munroe

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

desire to singsingsing

Gosh. Hillsong is pulling the strings of my heart. All day... all day I have been passing by the computer and going on youtube and watching to hillsong live... watching the love for Christ on those glorious singer's faces and those thousands of hands raised so high. It just brings me to tears at the movement God has erupting here and now within his sons and daughters. We lost tonight, I have a bunch of midterms tomorrow, I will be up for a long while doing schoolwork on account of no time during the day.. but listening and really studying those words just makes me not care.. I DONT CARE. I dont WANT to frown.. I dont WANT to complain.... all I want to do is sit on my bed and sing to God and read his word.... I know I need sleep, I know i need to study but... I have a desire to know God clearly (er than I am :p) and it is one of the desires that I just can't wait another day to fulfill. I do know that I need to give the Lord glory through everything, including my homework, so I will still study tonight.... I just had to write about the amazing feeling worship music gives me. Especially today.

He is Lord, He is Lord, sings my soul, He is the Lord, and he lives, yes he lives, Im alive cause Jesus lives,

Let the Earth resound with Praise, for our Savior God he reigns, He is high and lifted up, Arise, for the King of glory waits, He is coming back again, He is coming back again.

Daryl :]

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the cry of my heart is to bring you praise

"Let hope rise
And darkness tremble

In Your holy light
That every eye will see
Jesus our God
Great and mighty to be praised"

Let hope rise through the mercy God gives us. Let hope rise because of all he does, has done, and will do. Let hope rise from the example he leads me to set. Let hope rise from his Holy light.

Let darkness tremble at the light God gives me to shine. Let darkness tremble at what God does through me. Let darkness tremble at the way God uses me. Let darkness tremble at the amount of people God saves through me. Let darkness tremble from his Holy light.

My God is an awesome God, he reigns from Heaven above, with wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God.

With everything, with everything, we will shout for your glory. With everything, with everything we will shout forth your praise.

Cause I know you gave, the world your only son for us to know your name, to live within the saviours love and he took my place, knowing he’d be crucified and you loved..
you loved, a people undeserving

Oh happy day, happy day,
you washed my sin away,
oh happy day, happy day,
ill never be the same.

and the cry of my heart is to bring you praise, from the inside out, Lord my soul, it cries out.

HIS daughter,
Daryl Lindsey

Let these lyrics be the some of the many prayers of my hearts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hug the teddy

Wednesday nights are always the nights that I feel on top of the world and stress free. My homework will continue tomorrow but all my homework from last week is turned in and completed (usually). I love going to youth group. I just love it. If you haven't gotten that yet then... you either don't know me or this is the first entry you have read.
Today, I reviewed in History, Presented my Presentation in Worldview, didn't eat my lunch I was oh SO proud of, listened and learned in pre-cal, actually sat through Spanish WITHOUT looking at the clock every 5 seconds and struggled staying up in lit (usually im there and attentive and love it.. this week... S.A.T. prep video in the dark... yeah.. um.. teenagers are tooo tired for that kind of thing at that time of day). Booked it to Target, bought some flyyy socks and a necklace that I wanted to keep :p Then went to the womb. Such good times. happy zo zo joined us today, she's too adorable... And i liked Empire. He's awesome. Anyways, good womb day, fast class day, good friend seeing day. It is the end of my day and I sorta want to skip tomorrow and head towards Friday at 7. Lock ins at my church are the best. of all times. and i cant WAIT.
Refresh yourself. Take a breather. READ THE BIBLE WHEN YOU HAVE THE URGE. and hug a teddybear.
OH. and la playa.
in spanish.
means the beach.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

like a funny bone.

its funny. its funny that you can be so happy one second and then two seconds later, Satan sucks it all out.

I need to read the Bible. My heart wants it. I feel like crying I want to do it so bad.
but.. I can't... I have about five hours of school to do. and its 11:36. My mom wants it done.. and I must do what she says..

I hate this feeling. This feeling of want and need. I guess its good but... I dont care what I guess, I just am so sad.. so... sad.

its like a funny bone. where people just say its funny.

and its really not.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"faulty ocean of a world."


The girl runs freely,
her skirt in the wind.
The chains, they are broken,
she is free once again.
She makes more mistakes,
some big and some small,
but Her God, he loved her,
he loves them all.
She kicks her legs up as high as she can,
jumping then running,
squishing her toes in the sand.
She wants that empty space no longer,
in her heart it lives,
she has searched and searched for something to fill,
something that truly wants her and gives.
She jumps on the swing,
hoping to swing her problems away,
pumping and pushing,
they all seem to stay.
The wind, it seems to push her,
in the way she doesn't want to swing,
but why? who is stopping her?
who would do such a thing?
The prince of this world,
though he calls himself the king,
he pushes and pulls,
that girl off the swing.
She doesn't understand why she feels this way,
why everything, every bad feeling seems to stay.
She feels as this world is a strong, blue ocean,
Drowning her in sin, with this world's faulty motion.
She finally gives up, falls into the sand,
yelling, "Lord, Lord, i don't understand,
I try to be good, I try to stay true.
But something is pulling me,
further and further away from you.
I want to be good,
I want to help people,"
She cries as she stared at the high church steeple,
"Why do my friends argue? Why do my parents fight?
Why do I feel bad in the middle of every night?
At first, everything,
every feeling and smile,
it all feels so warm,
so happy,
for a little while.
My friends, they make me laugh
and are perfect to me,
then why they hurt so much,
I strangely don't see."
Her God, he smiled,
scooped her up in his hand,
"My child, my child,
do not fall in this sand,
This world, it will swallow,
it will chew you, spit you out,
but in me, you must have the smallest bit of doubt.
This sin, this prince,
you will know for a time.
This world,
it won't always have a logical reason or rhyme.
You have to be patient, knowing I am here,
I am the only reason to have any sort of fear.
Yes, things will not always go your way,
just as hurricanes affects will start to sway.
It is a big storm, but in the end,
you trust in me, and you I will defend.
Your trials, your friends, your family too,
I am the one who gave them all to you.
Smile my child and be thankful when low,
because however they trial you so,
I will be here, forever true,
to help you swim out of that ocean blue.
Remember this,
I say with a kiss,
I do, very much so love you."
And with that,
He rocked her asleep,
her sleeping with a smile,
a smile that would keep.

Oh Gracious Lord, help me to remember you are my comfort. Help me to remember you are my rock and I do not need anything besides your love. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family. You are merciful and omnipotent. I do not deserve anything that you have given to me, but you give it anyways. Thank you Lord.

"Wonderful Savior,
How may I bless your heart?
knees to the Earth, I bow down,
to everything you are.
Be Blessed, Be Loved,
Be lifted high, be treasured here,
be glorified, i owe my life to you my Lord,
here I am."

your light will shine when all else fades,
your glory goes beyond all fame;
and the cry of my heart is to bring you praise, from the inside out Lord, my soul cries out."

His daughter,
Daryl Lindsey

Friday, December 5, 2008

update. ey.

we got our uniforms today; i love them and am so thankful to my dad and shelley and trisha for working so hard to get them. they need to be thanked more. come to the storm home games on monday and tuesday!
I played games at the Carlsons today, Mr. Carlson wins the most competetive person contest. he wins a high five from evie. its a big deal.
I have a bunch of school to do tonight and it is 12:19 A.M. and i must get up tomorrow and be at dance at 8 in the morning.
God is good, he got us home tonight, since something was wrong with our radiator and we didnt know it... thats a problem.
Music is good. Jess Ray's voice makes me tingley and i love it. and Christmas Music makes me smile. some of it is quite hilarious.
free ballin it today was quite the adventure.. i love friday workouts because i get to work on post moves while the rest of the team does ball handeling... yesssssss.
Christmas is soon. I have to finish my friends gifts and buy my grandparental and regular parental gifts. busy busy i am. Nutcracker is also soon. wont be the NUMBER ONE show.. but people should come. just cause there are good dancers in it. trust me. i am not talking about myself.

That picture up there. its the co clan. sounds like a gang and it is quite. It consists of anna jule, ryan blakesee, daryl lindsey, rebecca elise, and courtney lee. sounds gangish to me. it is a good picture and i was proud of it when the idea was made.

God continues to bless my days. Can't wait to live tomorrow! I thought up something that will inspire me in a dream last night.. it was profound. and the dream was good.

You never stop being an inspiration to people, you only stop being a light. Don't let your light die out. let it shine.

ready to dream some more,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

screaming. for it is good.

i got in the car after cell groups and just let out a huge sceam. Im so blessed. SO, so blessed. Cell groups was amazing, is it ever not? Classes were school..ey.. new? My presentation went.... i just talked..
I want to dance forever, I want to act forever, I want to sing forever, I want to teach forever, I want to lead forever. I will bring God so much glory through the gifts he gave me. Im thankful and content.
I serioulsy am blessed with my church and amazing youth group. I love those girls. Love them. AND THE COLLEGE KIDS, LOVE THEM JUST AS MUCH AND THEY ARE STILL PART OF THE WOMB :) I love hearing what God is teaching them in their everyday walk, LOVE it. It encourages me dearly and I couldn't pick a better thing to do in the middle of my week then sit around in a cozy house, with good, good girl friends, joke about the randomest stuff ever of all times, and talk about life and God. I love to sit and listen to Kel, Catherine, and amy too. They are so wise. SO wise and God uses them as huge influences in my life. Tonight, all three of them talked about loving and knowing and showing God SO much that it changes your everything, including your beauty. It was funny to me because... including Jess Ray and Dan... I have never seen five people that shine Jesus quite like them. It was amazing, they are still trying for it when it looks to me like they shine JESUS more than anyone I know. They work hard and are the most beautiful people I have ever met.
I love it when Rebecca talks... she is actually an amazing speaker... You wanna listen to what she has to say cause woah buddy you know it will be good. She is so wise beyond her years and God has used her as one of the biggest influences in my life. She is radiant and purely bright.
GOSH, when steph talks about whats going on in her life, its so encouraging to me, just to know that you can be that flat on your face before God and still be one of the coolest people in the world is astounding. She's beautiful and dazzleing. steph, you're a beast.
the womb is the best place to be. join it.
Steph and I will scream, for the simple reason of having the best church in the WHOLE world, please, everyone, come! I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE GOD LIKE WE DO EVERY WEEK!
man. scream with me steph.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

take time to love.

so busy. so many thoughts rushing through my head at amazing speed. My head hurts from doing school, my heart hurts from stressing over relationships, my body hurts from not resting and doing hours upon hours of basketball and dancing, my eyes hurt from florescent lighting, my heart hurts for other peoples relationships with God. I am hurting all over from not being peaceful, still, and giving my days to my Lord. It's time I stop and love people. Love God for giving me people all around me, even if they hurt me all over. Even if their relationship with me results in bruises. Whether on my body or on my heart. Love is the fullfillment of the law. God's law. Tonight, my head will hurt from doing school, my body will hurt from doing to much sports and moving, my eyes will hurt because of the light, but if my heart hurts, it is because I did not show love to a person not because they did not show love to me.

The very tired and sore Munroe.

Friday, November 28, 2008

the pilgrim's day.

Yesterday I was thinking. I was thinking about all the things I ws honestly thankful for... and some of the things I should be thankful for :p But then I watched Charlie Brown Thanskgiving and they were talking about the first Thanksgiving. When it comes to Christmas, when you grow up around a wonderful church and a christian family you always remember the first Christmas, or atleast you are reminded of it and the story of Christ being born and the star and the wise men. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, the only time we really think about the first Thanksgiving is when your elementary school is putting on a small school play or you dress up like pilgrims and indians for a class party. Think about it, the pilgrims, they sailed on that forsaken ship for a very long time. Many of them died coming to America, those ships were way more danger then movies make them look. The rats carried diseases, once someone caught a disease, you all did. Sea sickness is horrible... and if you were prone to that and got it all the time, you would be miserable. People you loved died daily and the food made you want to join them. Then, finally, they land... and there are PEOPLE already there. People who don't look like you (which back then would be a big big deal), people with weapons that you have never seen, and just when you thought you were safe getting off the boat, those people threatened your lives daily as well. You also didn't know how to plant or harvest anything to eat because it was new land. Then, when you finally get the hang of it and you realize that there is actually food to harvest and it is ready to eat and your "enemies" come in peace and celebrate with you. Now that is something to be thankful for. There were only 53 pilgrims left on that Thanksgiving Day, 53 who had lost almost everything but kept trudging on. 53 that trusted in God and were blessed for their trust on one fall afternoon. 53 pilgrims who worshipped God for his mercy and love. We complain in all this comfort everyday but then on Thanksgiving we thank God for what we have. Those pilgrims, I am sure thanked God for their life all the time. Its just amazing. Its amazing we have so much and they had so little and they still thanked God for what they had. The pilgrims amaze me.

How glorious is God to give us so much when we deserve so little? When we lose so little, we still wait for the once a year to seriously sit and think about what God has given us. It goes to show you how different America was when it first came to be and how it is now. Praise God for the good. Praise God for the bad. Praise God daily, for he is good.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the beautiful bec's birthday.

How about that alliteration? yeah. thats right lit teachers. I pay attention. Probably only during the poetry months during the year but whatever. Anyways, that was the other years.. this year I want to pay attention because my teacher is amazing. OK. stopping on the lit class rant now. Yesterday was becca's birthday, she is 17. I know. She is turning wrinkley and is shrinking everyday (probably on the days i am not wearing my contacts and glasses and I have those random growth spurts... but i am pretty positive it is because she is getting old.) She drove. Like 15 hours on her birthday. She always has such a good attitude about things. She always slaps a smile on that pretty little face and goes on with life. Number one, SMART. Number two, everyone should be a little more like her. Well, anna, court, ryan and myself wanted to do something for her.. so we concocted this HUGE, awesome plan... when she went to bed the day before her birthday.. we were going to decorate her whole house and draw all over her driveway. Well we were siked and bought everything and rebecca didnt know. It was gteat. Then... God had other plans, and it rained. It ruined everything and our present turned out reallll ghetto. Not even the COOL kind of ghetto. sheesh. But, we decorated, wrote her letters, and left her a decorated cake. She deserved the best, she is the best. The thought was there and I would just like to declare my love for that kid.


(tomorrow is thanksgiving. I am in Hilton Head... I LOVE Thanksgiving. I am SIKEDDDDD)

the dee

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


really though. REALLY though. I just feel relaxed. I still have a bunch to do, but after working so hard this week and staying up really late all these nights and having CRAZY classes today (best ones yet though) and just finishing it all... for atleast a week. I am truly thankful for this peace God has given me. I just feel like a huge load has been taken off me.. when really... i still have a bunch to do.. but i just feel.. so GOOD!

and tonights cell group, talking over Sunday's message and thinking about it and hearing other views, was honestly the bets topping to my night. I couldn't have chosen a better ending to my "social day" (it obviously wasn't the end of my day or i would be asleep). That group just yearns for God, they just want him with their everything. You can tell. You can tell that they just reach until their arms ache. They strain with their eyes just to see a real glimpse of him. They hold His Word like the sacred book it is. I want to be like them. I want their attitudes. I want the fire in me like HG, the light of Jesus Christ in me like Steph, the passion in me like Bec, the humble attitude in me like Catherine, the heart of a servant in me like kellie, the look of God truly shining through me like amy, I want to follow hard after Christ like Jess, know God like dan, show the attitude of Christ like dustin, Submit to my God like Jude... and just so many others.

I want to be like them because they strive to be like God.
and that is my heart's desire.

"Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul. Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us." 1 Peter 2:11-12

I know, what a refreshing way to end my day. God couldn't have blessed me with a better end.
"They longed for me to speak as people long for rain.They drank my words like a refreshing spring rain." Job 29:23

Just Plain Daryl.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


really though, it seems like the easiest thing you can do for God, and for some people, it is; but for people with strong personalities... not that easy. It's hard when I feel like someone disrespects me and I have to sit there and be respectful back. But like Dan said, thats just the thinking of, "I deserve better, when really, all we deserve is death." God has blessed me with so much, so many wonderful, wonderful friends, an amazing family, the team of a lifetime, a youth group that is solid and the best there is, a dance stuido that carries the attitude of putting God first, just... the list goes on and on. And that wonderful God who gave ALL of that to me, when i deserved nothing, asks me to submit to my authorities. He asked me to do it. How could I sit here and know that God chose me, asked me something, and then still want my selfish ways and still want to give them a taste of their own medicine? I dont know.. but its easier said then done. I even find it hard praying for those people, just cause I don't want to. But how selfish could I be? I have been having the opposite attitude and doing everything I can to show everyone and that person the error of their ways, but its not working... they don't notice. The reason they dont notice is because it isn't between myself and that person. It is between them and God. And then! just when I go to those places, see those faces, my heart and mind thinking and feeling, "full submission." It gets harder, something happens and I don't want to do it anymore. Satan is alive and well and I need to remember that I can't do anything without the Lord. Nothing.

I will be set apart, I will pray daily and rely on the Lord for help, and I will show submission. Oh, I will. Because I have to, because I love God.

the G calls me d-money.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the game of basketball.

last night the G, bec, nuke and i had a basketball experience. We went from our own practice, to matt's game, to the girls version of knights vs. knights (as dustin called it) and then the boys version of knights vs. knights. Matt's game was hilarious, the other team looked like a t.v. show, the average movie rejects who were good but they didn't look like they could be by their looks and that's why no one picked them. it was quite the funny. Matthew Carlson had a great game, led his team and beat the other team... by 50. but still fun to watch cause matt's a beast. On the way to NRCA's gv team, we got a little.. confused. Map quest is just like that. So we stopped after about 45 minutes and got directions from a pizza man who sounded new yorky.. but he was from cary.. i think it was just his pizza man cover up. Then we arrived and the game was close close close. Both teams were amazing, Rebecca Fussell amazes me, she is so good. They lost by five but to a team that is amazing and they fought through the whole thing, so they should be happy with that. That's my opinion. On to the epitome of greatness. The boys were stoked and bouncing around, yelling at each other in encouragement. They amaze me, how they are so pumped and so... big. That boy though, that boy took over the game. It amazed me, with castle corner screaming at everything behind me, G and nuke yelling beside me, players cheering in front of me, it just simply amazed me. He truly is THE good basketball player. Like the definition. He killed it, had like 40 points (seriously), like 18 steals (i don't know. but a lot), and a million other things (legit). It was truly appalling. He was like the hero of NRCA, after the game EVERYONE like surrounded him and gave their high fives or pats; G, Bec and i were like, HA, WE GO TO CHURCH WITH HIM! ha! It just amazed me and i decided i want to play like a boy. :)
Although the game of basketball makes me so frustrated all the time, i can never go away from it. I love the sound of squeaky shoes on the court, the swish of the ball, the cheers of the crowd, and the pounding of your heart and the silence of it all as event after event occurs. Sure, it frustrates me a ton if i lose by a lot, but i still got to play and that is something i need to thank the Lord for. Sometimes i wish i didn't like it so much, but that wish ceases to come true. I just thank the Lord for the actual sport itself and for the actual ability of playing the sport itself, and the ability to watch and learn from other amazing players.
Matt, Rebecca, and Nate taught me a lot in just one night, and boy, i cant wait till Monday's practice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

it's a wonderful life

update on the last few days. Wednesday night was a blast "supporting the storm" with the best youth group in the world. I couldn't find the words to describe how great that group of people is. Like, i just wish everyone could come and experience my youth group, Dan, the shepherds, the talents of Catherine, Jess, and Dustin. Seriously, come experience.
The safteyman came over and dyed the ole noggin. It actually looks really good, its like this strawberry blond color that i thought would look quite horrid, but it looks good. so congrats to the bec. Then, we went to NRCA and pondered the wonderful acting skills of Devon Corey, he did quite a job. Then, socializing with the whit and steph :) Seeing old theater folks (just made me excited for Oklahoma), and Boes with the crowd (the G is so much like J. can't wait for the wedding :p)
I was thinking about that play/movie (it's a wonderful life). It does a really good job on capturing life, and how sometimes its just plain great and sometimes its just plain bad... but the good always out ways the bad in the end. It's such a enchanting life that George Bailey has, just because he is a normal guy who changes the lives of so many people, and he doesn't even realize it. It is amazing that you can change so many lives and not know it, gives you inspiration to wake up and start your day with a smile.

Oh George Bailey.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the jumble

my life is crazy. I have atleast 13 hours of school classes a week, atleast 4 1/2 hours a day of homework each day, 6 hours of dance a week, im a lead in two plays, i am in the nutcracker, i am a starting center on a varsity girls team (practices everyday besides wednesday), i dont like missing youth group or church, and i have to squeeze in family and babysitting evie-grace time. Sometimes it's nice to sit and read the bible. What would i do without that book? its just the most comforting thing i own. I am funny about the bible though, i find extreme comfort in holding and reading MY Bible. The satisfaction that it is a book I have received and it is mine to read for however long it will hold together.
Also, man, the music. Clicking that ipod into the speakers and playing Shane & Shane, Passion, Jessica Lyndon Ray, and so many others. Just sitting there and hearing the words and in your heart agreeing and singing as loud as your lungs take you... of course singing with your diaphragm because my voice teacher would be appalled if i hurt my voice cause i wasnt using that diaphragm. Anyways, its comforting to know that in this jumble of everyday and intense schedule, God is there and loves to hear about my day and loves for me to just sit. and listen. Such a breath of fresh air. Especially when everything seems to be sinking slowly, painfully, and surely, He is loving, encouraging, and neverchanging.

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6-7

thats my rant for the busy wednesday.

(tonights storm "spirit" night. woohoot)

busy, storm fan in the hands of the amazing God,

Monday, November 10, 2008

the beginning.

i know i will get hooked on this thing cause of steph. i know it will not satisfy me until i get the background, the words, the everything just perfect. dang. today was a rough day to start a blogging addiction, i felt like an old violin bow that was worn so much, down to its last horse hairs and they all were snapped off abruptly.
I know I have a purpose and I know there is a reason for the choices that were made.
But what the outcomes will be, that will be the suprise.

a wise Jessica Ray once said, "I would rather be reckless than warm the bench."
allow me to tear up the court.

i will be overloaded with schoolwork tomorrow, my day starts at 1 and i dont get home till 9 (all work must be done before then. ha) i must go and start.