Monday, April 27, 2009


frustration is a horrible feeling. It's like anger only.. deeper and there is hardly much you can do to get rid of it. Plus there are actually only a few things that can make you angry but frustration is everywhere. As usual the stress of other peoples words, homework, classes, and so much more rests on my shoulders as I sit here and realize ONCE again on a monday all of the things I have to completley accomplish before tomorrow.
I am frustrated. And I dearly wish that I wasnt.
two more weeks D.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy bday to the courtna!

it is the birthday of courtney lee williams :]

Dear Courtney,
I love love love love you and I am very siked this is the last hour of the first day of your seventeenth year. I think you might have shrunk from your old age.. you look shorter. maybe. I hope this glorious sunday was a happy day since it was a day of rest and not a wednesday.. the opposite of a day of rest. however, i like when your birthday is because it is in glorious 90 degree weather where there are flowers everywhere and you can eat ice cream and it doesnt make you shiver and there is only two more weeks of school. yes, your birthday is quite the day of celebration. so celebrate old woman!

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear courtneyyyy,
happy birthday to youu.

i love you courdy lee wilson :]
apparrelly fran for short.

p.s. I had some of your birthday cake today... to celebrate of course... and its funny.. i hate chocolate.. and icing... but because it was meant for the celebration of your birthday and rebecca's 1/2 ;] it was delicious.

it was a good day. a fantastic weekend. i love my friends. and college. and plays. and ultimate frisbee. and warm weather. and wedges and skirts. and hide n seek. and my uncle. who is here.

now on to school. yuck. also, i found a tick on me.. from playing ultimate.. so if you were there too... check for those yucky things. just. btw.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

evelyn-grace gabrielle (p.s.)

my baby is cute. :]
she makes my longer, school filled days

(finally completed hair process. now you can see black :p)

busy, busy.

I am going to be busy busy today, as usual.
I have to send off a college pkg, I have to buy THREE birthday presents, I have to play basketball with my team for two hours (uhh), I have to practice three dances and two plays worth of lines (oh boy), I have to get more black in my har, go to tap, and do mompts of homework.

My feet are pretty sore from dancing everyday this week for multiple hours... I usually dont do that because I have basketball but... basketball is over, therefore, I have dance. and my feet are sore.

Classes end soon. two weeks. two more weeks. and then summer, pool, free time, no homework, hot days,no homework, lemonade with every meal, camp, recitals, cambodia, no homework, and sleeeeeping in. all of that will be here and I will finally be a senior. ugh, I dont even need another year in highschool. Maybe Ill just do what anna does and not even think about next year.

oh i almost forgot. i must clean my whole house before tomorrow night and my house is horrid to even sit in. oh goodness.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pray for andrew miller.

pray for andrew miller.
he is a last born.
he lives a confused life, always bossed around, never knowing where to turn.
and he wants to pass this semester.
so pray for him.

the first born, plus born a day before andrew miller anyways,


in need of summer.

I am exhausted.
I will be working from now until 1 (when I have class)
and then from 3 until 6:30 (when I have Charlie Brown rehersal)
and then from 9:30 till possibly the next morning.
Dear Lord, help me.
Summer come quickly. Please.

pray for these busy people who need God's peace and summer:
Anna Vanover
Courtney Williams
Rebecca Carlson
Samantha Crowder
Stephanie Drummond
Josh Munroe
John Blanchard
David Brown
Shelley Levin
David Levin
Anna Long
My Dad

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Big Rocky Top.

Man, you know those family friends. Those family friends that the parents of the family have been friends with your parents since college and they are practically your cousins cause you grew up with them. and i mean literally grew up with them cause all the kids are around the same age. yeah. we have those. they are named:

The Pembertons

I tell you what, every time we venture over to Knoxville, Tennessee we have the biggest blast there ever has been. It's so easy to pick up where we left off, even if it had been four years (as it was for me... not j and sarah.. they go more cause they are less busy) I love it. I love the Pembertons. We always do the things we did when we were little.. just in an older way (we nixed the power rangers this round however :p) I sometimes wish Sydney and Michael lived here cause they would fit in so well with me and my friends.

I also love the U.T. atmosphere... of course.. being a party school means its not exactly a holy atmosphere but I love it when big schools look so forward to a season.... some schools its basketball, maybe even soccer for others, University of Tennessee, its football. It's phenominal... you roll down streets headed to the game and you dont see a SINGLE person wearing any color except orange and white.. you can feel the excitement in the atmosphere and you just cant help but love the sport.

we sat in a sky box and over 50,000 people showed up just for the spring orange and white game... phenominal. I want to go to college... but I know God is calling me to a smaller, christian school.. but I sometimes wish I was called to be one of the lucky ones to be a light in such a dark place. I love tennessee more than any other place, I'm a VOLs through and through, but I am excited after seeing that college again what light I am called to be.

oh grr. back to reality. It's sunday night like.. or monday morning at 12:20 and I must, MUST finish some school before I bounce into my comfy, much missed bed.
Tomorrow, dance is back, p.t. is back, yrap is back, mr. bob is back (last week was a break from ALL) and I have a ton of school and errands to run.

as caleb does so say, adios.
(however, I might say that in a disgusted tone.. I dislike spanish with a passion)


Friday, April 17, 2009


you know what I would rather be doing right now then sitting here typing away at a lit project?

i'd rather be sitting beside a pool with my girls on a hot summer day drinking lemonade and eating crunchy 10 cents worth of ice.

soon enough though, three weeks for me. three more weeks !

i know, sounds delicious. but I am here and as usual I have plenty I should be doing but I have a seven hour trip to Tennessee to sit and do work :p

these weeks.. they go by so fast... I have wanted summer to come since the third day of school but.. is it really here.. REALLY?!

when I sit and think about how fast time goes.. it worries me a little bit.. will I someday very soon be sitting in a room with a cute but wrinkley husband looking at pictures of grandchilren? yuck, I would like to think I love that thought but.. I have so much I want to do in my life and life just goes by so fast...... if almost 18 years went by that fast then another 18 would probably gladly glide. I am for the first time.. not hoping for summer to come too quickly..

wow. blogging just made me change my mind. weird.
a look into the roller coaster of daryl's emotions :]
i have several people that would roll their eyes at this post and say, "I could have told you her thought process worked that way."

I am going to not waste time.
blogging inspires me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hair.

I got my hair done :] next Thursday I have another appointment to make the under more black.

my pale little finger is giving a thumbs up.. but the light of the window is camouflaging it. dang.

happy day :] onto schoolwork.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus paid it all,
all to him I owe.
sin had left a crimson stain,
he washed it white as snow.

oh praise the one
who paid my debt
and raised this life
up from the dead.

mm. delicious song. I am back and sitting at the computer attempting history, before I lay my head on my pillow tonight I will have finished a world view paper, all of my history work, all of my lit, and maybe some bio so that all I will have left are my two least favorite subjects... spanish and math.

This morning it was amazing waking up to the ocean and trying to look out as far as my eyes could strain.. the ocean. It's amazing. You honestly cant look around anywhere and not be amazed by the wonderful creation but you ESPECIALLY cant be at the beach and not sit in awe. I have to say my favorite thing this weekend was to run out on the pathway and jump onto the squishy sand to prepare myself for prayer and reading as I sat in front of the vast blue ocean on this Easter Sunday. It was chilly.. but I was prepared with two jackets and positivity :]

The sweet voice of Jess plays worship songs in my head often but that song just wouldnt leave after church and it still hasnt left my mind vacant, its such a releiving and precise song that is sung with sweet honesty and truth. Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe. how true, how sweet.

Tomorrow I get my hair colored which has excited me for about a month, I also enter back into reality for about three more weeks until the carefree (sorta) days of summer return, i mean.. i have been waiting a whole year. Lots to do, homework, dance, play, classes, ball, and out of towns. Lord be with me.


Prayer Requests:
Mr. C
Invisible Children
Remember NHU
Blanchard trip
Steph's busy schedule

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last year at the sunrise service it was so cold we could barely breath. The people with blankets had goosebumps and the people without them (some people including my family) shivered uncontrollably as we sat with our backs against the wooden benches that I remember being so hot I sweat against. It's hard to pay attention when things are uncomfortable, ha, but thats life.

When I first sat down to this computer in my shmancy Easter dress I of course went to first. Bitterly I discovered it saying 45 degrees and under it the words FEELS like 35... not exactly what I wanted to read when the high is supposed to be 67 today. But then I had a thought... I wonder.. I wonder on the real Easter morning what it felt like... for some reason Im not sure it would be sunny and warm.. for some reason I think for three days it had probably been cold, rainy, and wet.. the miserable kind of weather. I'm not totally sure of course and Im sure everyone feels different but maybe as lightning struck the day they killed His son it was a forwarning of miserable weather to come. Although cold, Easter is also the first day people think of spring weather.. when its warm after a cold winter people go, "ah, it feels like Easter." So Easter also leaves a refreshing, new feeling of comfort.

I wonder if the morning of Easter was cold and rainy and then the afternoon of that oh so galliant day turned out to be a different feeling in the air then what it had been, something changed, and everything felt new and refreshed?

I dont know, but I know that as I sit on those freezing benches this year my mind will be in a different place then it was last year... I know that I might be cold but I will truly be wondering, pondering, thinking, praising God for the very first Easter day that we celebrate every year.

He has risen,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

swollen glands.

Be blessed, be loved,
Be lifted high.
Be treasured here,
Be glorified.
I owe my life to you my Lord.
Here I am.

What a day. I woke up with swollen glands and a headached body, silly pollen's wiping me out. However that didnt stop the many activities of my day although starting off at noon. I have a lot to do this week but I am firmly against wasting another week.

schoolwork (a lot)
long devotion and prayer (much needed)
hot tea (grr raspey throat)


strong devotion start (how would God spend this day?)
more hot tea
mailing of college packages

Prayer Requests:
mr. Carlson
Remember NHU
Invisible Children
Blanchard trip in Korea
that we would live lives of example,
living showing that our God rose from the dead.