Sunday, March 28, 2010

This was a sorta of eventful weekend.. and I presume it's time for some sort of updates.

No.. I still don't know where I am going next year.. it's sorta difficult and annoying. Everyone else knows where they are going and everyone asks me and expects an answer (I would too) and I am like.. uh.. I don't know.. Regent or Liberty.

But I do know one thing, God is faithful.. and I HAVE to make the decision.. next year at this time I will almost be done with my first year of college at.. somewhere!

I am almost officially on summer staff. I have waited to be on that staff for a long, long time. This summer.. the staff is almost completely made up of the ole' friend group... which is ridiculous. It's what we all wanted.. its the early week CITs... three years ago we would have all been like.. AWESOME?! and still probably all are but.. it's different. We aren't as close as we were then.. will we be this summer? will this summer bring us back again? I don't know.. but I do know that I doubt.. and I wish I didn't.

Courtney and I are going swimsuit shopping.. and finally another best friend is as excited about that as I am every year!

We will be tan. I am going to swim at the pool almost every day.. haha forget dodgeball! I'm stoked!

IS over.. and this spring break will give me the opportunity to type that story (or finish it). It's just so long!! But it's fantastic. Everyday I miss my team more and more. Monday we have a "fun last practice" and then a party at ze Millers and that makes me happy cause I honestly just love them so much. uck.. I sorta hate thinking about it a little cause.. next year.. no pops, twin, aaron, andrew, trisha, laura, or GEEZE. uck.
I have been reading James more and more cause it's super challenging and someone once said to me, "Don't put it down until you learn something." And sometimes I learn so much in that book that I HAVE to put it down and just pray and think on those things or my mind will burst.

I am so proud of Catherine Walker and Jess Ray. I wasn't able to make the trip up to Boone.. but I know it went so well because God's hand was in the whole thing. They are changing lives all over the world and I hope they know that. I hope they realize EXACTLY what God is doing through them. Good job to all you bands who rocked it last night!

things to do this spring break:
-I really want to go to the beach.. maybe I'll ask around for anyone who wants to take a day trip.. say wednesday/thursday?
-I need to remind my teams that there is no practice
-spend some quality time with Evie and Sarah
-make a cd of pictures for nathaniel
-send stuff.

I love my Upward teams. I realllly, really do.

Monday, March 22, 2010

sometimes I get frustrated... well because I am a human.

I can't do anything without God... I wish I remembered that 100% of the time and wasn't so stubborn. I wish I always listened to my authorities and realized that they are almost ALWAYS right.

Andrew said to me basically not to wish my life away and I told him I never do.. I realized that that isn't true and also realized he probably didn't believe me anyways. How can I live for God today? What good can I find in today? God is everywhere.. so there is always something good you can find... sometimes you just aren't looking.

I apologize to people like Courtney, who checked for my storm story.. it's coming.. it's just long. I have a lot to do today still. Upward, laundry, history, Spanish, things of the sort.

I hope you all look outside your window and realize just how pretty it really is!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love my basketball team.

tomorrow I will do several things but one of the things is blogging my story. MY version of the "first four years" and what God taught me through the game of basketball.

I will also clean my room,
wash all of my clothes,
charge everything dead,
take a nap,
and go to youth group (:

and why yes, we are 4A Champions.. making us the best home school basketball team in the entire East. and... I got... all tournament MVP.. out of like all 16 teams.. my heart glows when I think about this week and it brings me so much joy that I cry almost every time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sunday, March 14, 2010

oh and I got a haircut!

Friday night I woke up with the worst fever and stomach ache ever.

exaggerating.. I've had worse.. just haven't had it that bad in a while. It potentially ruined my Saturday and I missed Upward and the Liberty meeting. I was in bed all day yesterday... and should be today.. but around 3 I just had the desire to do things... so I got up cleaned up all the dishes, tissues, and cups. I swept my room, took a shower, swept and mopped the whole downstairs, and am now doing laundry. BOY did that exhaust me... I'm sweaty, sore, and worn out.. from cleaning.. so I decided I would take a break but keep my mind going by blogging... my mind never stops and sometimes my poor body just cant keep up!

Tourney is soon... 2 days to be exact. Tomorrow is my last practice.. of.. well.. my life. That makes me want to cry but I don't really believe it so... I haven't cried yet. I have so much to do.. I have to get on track. I haven't worked out (abs) in a long time... probably cause I am always so sore from storm, but I think when basketball ends I will get back to those every night before bed. I have scholarship/college essays to write and I need to buckle down and continue to stop being lazy this last semester of high school.

Sometimes I think about the future.. and I don't understand why I am not just there already.. but God has a plan. He does and I know it.

I'm thankful for my friends.

whew.. i'm so thirsty.. and so tired of sitting again. Aaron would roll his eyes if he knew I was moving so much.. maybe I should listen to what I know he would want me to be doing right now.

Ice? meds? laying down? rest? fine.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Liberty is in 6 days.. man am I ready for this last trip. Not ready for it to be the last but ready for the trip. Liberty is so fun because it's time to just have fun with my best friends and win basketball games.. two things I love to do! There are so many jokes from the tournaments, so many stories, so many experiences. We have worked so hard this year to win this tournament. I'm excited to see us play the 5 best games we have ever played and win that banner. I also will take way more pictures this year than last year.. I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures of everything.. last chance Daryl... don't forget.

first year
last year

do about 2 more hours of school,
history & spanish class,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

you know.. it's funny... sometimes I just find myself .. living.. and forgetting who I am and why I am here.. and I have to snap back into reality.

It took several events these two weeks to snap me back.. some easier than others.. God created me, God sees value in me and if He didn't.. I wouldn't be here.

I was irresponsible and almost got into a huge car accident that would have killed one of my very best friends. Honestly, it was the grace of God that the other car's breaks worked so well... it seems impossible thinking of it any other way than God's power. He is so in control. My life would have been ruined it seems if God wasn't looking out for me.. it just goes to show us that as humans we are sometimes careless, but our God.. He is never careless.